Ford planning more Shelby GT500KR Mustangs for 2009

Ford planning more Shelby GT500KR Mustangs for 2009

Ford planning more Shelby GT500KR Mustangs for 2009

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If you missed out on one of last year’s 540hp 40th anniversary Shelby GT500KR Mustangs you’re in luck because the Ford tuner is planning an additional run of 746 cars for the 2009 model year. Demand for the car worldwide has surged, no doubt spurred on with the help of the car’s starring role as KITT in the new Knight Rider series, so this time 175 cars will be headed outside of the U.S.

Like the current 40th anniversary limited edition, the 2009 Shelby GT500KR will feature the same 540hp 5.4L supercharged V8 and Ford Racing Power Upgrade Pack. It also gets the same 3.73:1 rear axle ratio, short-throw shifter, and unique suspension tuning. Other features include a carbon composite hood, unique wheels and side-stripes. The only difference, in fact, between the new model and the current car will be the absence of 40th anniversary badging.

The Shelby GT500KR Mustang is the fourth limited-edition Pony car that Shelby and Ford have brought to market since resuming their collaboration in 2001. Each car begins life as a GT500, built at AutoAlliance International, in Michigan. From there, the cars are shipped to the Shelby Automobile facility in Las Vegas, where the Ford performance modifications are added. Once ready, the cars are hand customized and delivered to each customer in an enclosed transporter - just like the Ford GT supercar.
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Comments (7)
  1. Knight Rider was a lame show.

    But guess what, 100 horsepower per liter from a Mustang. I guess that'll shut up the haters (probably not)...

  2. finally a massive american engine that produces 100hp per litre..
    haha :-)

  3. Like I said, probably not.

  4. How about putting in that 725 hp engine from Super Snake? :D

  5. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love this car and am an American myself but for crist sake why oh why do they never work out the balance and the suspension. Its only good for straights, suicide on corners. Its one hell of an engine and beautiful I must say though.

  6. Oh, I don't know. I've seen one at the local track and he was spanking BMW's left and right, even in the turns.
    I talked to the owner and he said it was bone stock, but that he planned on putting some suspension mods in.
    So, my point is this: The Mustang is designed the way it is because it meets (exceeds) the needs of the vast majority of buyers as is. Now, one could argue that the GT500 should come with all the suspension goodies that Ford offers (and Ford does offer a handling upgrade package, just like many sports car manufacturers) but the regular Mustang would only cost thousands more with them. I run mine through the mountains here regularly, and at the slightly elevated pace I go, I don't have any complaints.
    What I do like is the price I paid for the car I got. If I really wanted to, I could drop another $5k and get a fantastic suspension (from Ford or Rousch or Saleen) or another 200hp with a supercharger (but I don't want to pay for premium fuel). It's all about choices...

  7. But sometimes I do wish it had an independent rear suspension.
    But that costs quite a bit as well, when it's beefed up enough to handle that much torque.
    If you want to handle like an M3 or even a 335i, then you're going to have to pay close to M3 and 335i prices.
    So I guess you have to ask yourself if it's good enough for the price, which I guess a lot of people do...

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