Maserati Quattroporte Bellagio Fastback concept

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Maserati Quattroporte Bellagio Fastback concept

Maserati Quattroporte Bellagio Fastback concept

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The Maserati Quattroporte defined the modern comeback of Maserati and has been praised for its looks and design the world over. Now, Italian coachbuilder Carrozeria Touring Superleggera is introducing a station-wagon version of the Quattroporte, dubbed the Maserati Quattroporte Bellagio Fastback. The car will be shown at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa D'este from the 25th to the 27th of this month, at Lake Como in Italy. The Bellagio Fastback is still in concept form and details about any production possibilities are hard to come by at the moment, but any sales of the concept will without a doubt require a sizable bank account.

Carozzeria Touring will be releasing the car as a part of its own comeback, after it faded from the coachbuilding limelight in the wake of coachbuilding becoming an in-house process for most carmakers and the dominance of Pininfarina and ItalDesign. Carozzeria was established over 80 years ago, and was responsible for a number of stunners including the likes of Ferraris, Alfa Romeos and even Aston Martins. The company now plans to reveal a modern day Superleggera at the upcoming Concours d’Elegance Villa d’Este in addition to the Bellagio Fastback concept and there are plans to reignite old ties with a number of international carmakers.

Surprisingly this is not the first time someone has wanted a Quattroporte-based wagon. Earlier in the year we reported about a concept built by StudioM and StudioTorino dubbed the Maserati 'Cinqueporte', essentially a wagon version of the Quattroporte. The concept was built for a discerning Arab customer for use in the desert and features a new set of folding rear seats and only one model was built and sold for a price tag reportedly in excess of €350,000.
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Comments (13)
  1. i thought the quattroporte referred to the exhaust.

    anyways... how many times must i say it? maserati is already ugly, and you make it even more ugly.

    honestly, these cars are an insult to their ferrari sourced drive trains.

  2. quattroporte means 4 doors in Italian.

    I quite like quattroporte though, looks really sexy in real life. not sure about the wagon version though.

    My only gripe with maserati is the engine, they produce too little power for something so overweight and with sports car dynamics/heritage. It's a shame that today Maserati is no longer a sportscar company, more of luxury GT brand

  3. yes, clearly quattroporte means 4 doors, but like i said, I thought it was a refference to the exhaust. dont ask why.

    I think sexy is a stretch. its pretty good looking considering, but seriously, if i were in this market i'd just wait for the aston GT. or the porsche GT. or get a bentley GT... but i guess thats a 2 door... but I'd take the hit.... you talk about a hot GT car... daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmnnn

    I'm just saying,.. VW can take a phaeton and make a bentley GT.... aston can... well everything aston does is gold... and porsche too.. those two GT cars are great and they dont even exist yet. but seriously... you take ferrari... rip off the body... and then put... THAT on it? come on.

    if I took a cadilac CTS-V,... the new one, and ripped off all the body,.. and put something like... a camry shell on it... we'll... theres parts of the world where I would get shot.

  4. .................yes.. i think who ever is responsible for the designs at maserati should be shot.

  5. Absolutely love it! Infact shorten the wheel base, take away the rear doors, and you would have a fantastic looking shooting brake.

  6. Continental GT? i don't think it's very good looking actually, it's not ugly, but it's not a standout design. The front is too short, makes the face looks like a bull dog. Aston GT all look the same. Porsche GT, well that's not out yet so no comment. Quattroporte is meant to be a limo though, and as far as limo goes i think it's sexy looking, certainlly far better than the slab sided Flying Spur.

    What you think of GranTurismo then?

  7. you couldn't get near a new Bentley or Aston for Quattroporte money in the UK atleast and they are much rarer, Conti GT's and DB9's are everywhere now

  8. this is an insultingly ugly luxury car

  9. Yes, this version is undoubtedly ugly, however those rims that like enlarged hubcaps off a 80's 323 Mazda dont help either.

  10. The Sultan of Brunei edition... Puke....

  11. the Quattroporte is one of the finest luxury cars on the market.
    this isnt that bad a design excercise althoguh the colour and the rims make it look awefully gaudy !
    It can be imporved and it will look amazing

  12. Hei,
    chris, alan,hector ,stephen etc you undrstand somethiìng of car or your motor autoriithy
    stopped on....caterpillar ? I never read so many stupidity.

  13. Funny how people despise such exquisite wagons as this one (and damn, these are rare). I guess they're a bunch of upstart wannabees with no taste, that have never thought about getting an "utilitary" vehicle sexier than a SUV (so they can do weener contests by being taller than others, even if they never thought about loosing any kind of steering ability with such high centers of gravity ; or maybe is it that they are so obese it takes a Hummer to fit them in)...
    ... it just takes looking at their references (CTS-V or such vulgar crap) to immediately know the kind of people they are...
    I for one think this estate is damn sexy, though to be coherent with the concept, it may lack 4WD (non existent at Maserati's for the moment ; but still a must for a utilitary vehicle ; plus rally races have proven for a long time this can get along with sportiness)... and though a shooting brake (2 doors estate) would be more to my taste (don't know which current car could be a base to something as sexy as the Virage shooting brakes that have been made, but damn, I'd kill for a manufacturer to do such a thing ; Touring's Flying Star is quite a sexy result, but I don't really like the Continental GTC base to start with, so, still waiting).

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