Porsche Panamera official details

The range-topping model will be the Panamera Turbo with a healthy 500hp (373kW) on tap

The range-topping model will be the Panamera Turbo with a healthy 500hp (373kW) on tap

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Following this past weekend’s premature leak of official Panamera details, Porsche has now released the full gamut of details and images for its upcoming sedan. The Panamera will officially go on sale in April next year and will make its world debut one month earlier at the Geneva Motor Show. Porsche will be able to build up to 26,000 units per year at its Leipzig Plant, but actual production levels will be kept at just 20,000.

It will be a large car, measuring 1,931mm (76.0in) in width, 1,418mm (55.8in) in height, and 4,970mm (195.7in) in length. Inside, there will be space for four occupants, and the whole car will weigh in at around 1,800kg.

Porsche has developed a new range of engines designed specifically for the Panamera. They range in power output from 300hp (225kW) in the base Panamera, up to 500hp (373kW) in the Panamera Turbo. A mid-range Panamera S is expected to output about 405hp (302kW) from a naturally aspirated V8.

Both a six-speed manual and the new Porsche-Doppelkupplung (PDK) dual-clutch transmission will be offered. Customers will also be able to choose between rear and all-wheel-drive powertrains. Porsche has confirmed that a hybrid variant will be launched, and there may eventually be a turbodiesel model as well.

Base prices in Europe are expected to start at €80,000 ($100,000) for the V6 RWD model and go up to €125,000 ($156,000) for the Turbo AWD variant. Prices in the U.S. tend to be lower than they are in Europe. Further details on the engines, transmissions, performance, prices and equipment will be disclosed closer to the car’s launch next year.

The saga of the Panamera's development has been fraught with an undercurrent of disapproval from Porsche purists, who see the addition of a second set of doors to a 'sports car' as equivalently heretical, or even more so, than the Cayenne, itself anathema to the brand's lovers of all things fast and sleek. There were even widespread concerns at early stages of development that the Panamera might take the spotlight as the ugliest Porsche ever, and though the car remains uncharacteristically long and unwieldy-looking, later iterations have somewhat allayed those fears.

One thing is certain - the Panamera is set to change the performance sedan market radically. Bridging the gap between the so-called super-sedans, or four-door grand tourers, such as the Maserati Quattroporte, or the upcoming Aston Martin Rapide and the more typical hotted-up family sedan, the Panamera will offer extreme high performance in a more affordable package.

The importance of image is not overlooked with the Panamera either, with both hybrid and diesel variants expected to begin sales within a year or two of the car's retail debut. The hybrid unit is expected to include a 3.6L V6 and a 110hp (82kW) electric motor that will enhance both efficiency and performance. The diesel unit would likely be an Audi-sourced 3.0L V6 unit similar to the one to be used in the Cayenne.

2010 Porsche Panamera

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Comments (15)
  1. I still think there is only one or two Porsches, the 911 and Boxster/Cayman.
    I think the SUV is a travesty in it's dilution of the brand, but a needed profit maker.
    But I do like this car, and the Rapide from Aston as well. Nothing wrong with a good 4-door sporty car.

  2. I think you're right about that Gus. With the rising of the super sedans, and a bit lower down, the coupe sedans, this seems like the right time for Porsche to go this route. The wild card now is fuel.

  3. as a Porsche lover i still dont like this car...the design looks just wrong...and the front is still 5 years ago 911

  4. While it looks as pretty as any other Porsche from the front, from it back it looks like a dog in the squatting position.

  5. Uglier than the Cayenne and less useful. Puny base engine. $100000 before the inevitable dealer markups.

    Only Porsche would dare. I love Porsche but dislike the hubris of this abortion of a car. Hope they fall flat on their faces.

    I also look forward to seeing what kind of tool / moron will shell out over $100K for that thing.

  6. I've gotta agree with Hector.

    Porsche makes some amazing sports cars, and their racing history is awesome. But this, wow, I just don't like looking at it. The Rapide is beautiful and even the Lambo 4-door has decent styling, so I just don't understand how the company that gave us the Carrera GT came up with something that looks like this.

  7. Like the Aston Martin Rapide better

  8. First came the cayenne (bad name too) now the panamera what next porsche ? pickup trucks? I know they once made tractors, so there you go . Next race nascar even .

  9. Things are looking up, this is the best looking photo I've seen yet of the Panamera, If it looks like this it will be a hit!

  10. I think Porsche is going in the wrong direction with this one.

  11. Definitely something to see in person before I can make a real judgement on it's looks. I'm sure it will be a great car, just can't quite tell if I'd like it's looks yet...

  12. Nowheelspin- As for turning left Porshe has already done that, when you ask? In the 70's it was the 911 that was used in the IROC series and dont forget they also had a team in Indy cars during the 80's.

    In regards to everyone else pissing and moning about Porshe my view on this latest offering is no differnt than my previous post on them doing a fwd hatch back, cut and past the following http://www.motorauthority.com/blog/1030051_porsche-exec-hints-at-new-entry-level-model

    or just read the following as I have cut and pasted it here for you.

    "Oh this is going to be good! If 911 fans are pissed about the Cayanne wait till they see Porsche pumping out FWD hatch backs, they are going to be pissed!!!!

    Now what really makes me laugh is I'm yet to hear from an upset 911 owner about Porsche making SUV's and how wrong it suposedly is. It's always the enthusiast who cant afford a 911 that posts comments "oh this is a disaster, what are they thinking?", funny stuff!

    If anything, branching out their model line is a good idea. I say this, as of all the Porsche 356's I've photographed none of their owners have new 911's parked in their garages but they do have a Cayanne. I'm sure you'll find Porsche sat down one day and said, how do we get the owners of our classics into our new product line, as well as folks who find the 911 impratical?

    If this rumor is true its going to be fun to watch/read peoples reaction. For whats its worth I think its a great idea, why? In sales they call it filling your funnel! In other words sell them on products at the bottom of your price range and then move them up to the pricier stuff as time and money affords them!"

    Now in the case of the Panamera your going to see 911 owners who dont like SUV's buy these in droves and once again Porsche will be working overtime to produce the things.

    As for the design, not bad considering their core shape is the 911 so unfortunately to be successful its that shape that their stuck with. In the past they have tried having other designs with just the badge on the nose being the common denominator and all have failed in the long run (914, 916, 924, 944, 968, and 928) So along comes an SUV using 911 styling DNA and Porsche cant make enogh of them. So if you were Porsche what would you do to earn a profit?

    This is one of those rare cases where polishing a turd works!!!

  13. this car isnt doing much for me, like everyone i think. i see why this car might be good for executives and the like that want a sporty luxury saloon.. but bmw and merc have already taken the burden of making such boring cars. every porsche model should be exciting, the way porsches excited me and everyone points when they drive by, but its not doing it for me anymore.

  14. What a shame...

    I will be in the market for new car in June when the lease on my Lexus runs out and am really looking forward to purchasing an AWD sports sedan. The Panamera was at the top of my list. Unfortunately this is no Aston or Maserati withing 70 miles of were I live.

    Every spy shot/preview pic had my hopes high that Porsche was going to do something special. Instead, the Panamera's rear is atrocious. It looks a cross between the rear of a 928 and Ford Taurus station wagon. I will laugh at the poor soul who I see driving one of these down the road.

    I can only pray that these are not leaked pictures but instead photoshopped wantabees. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... for the love of all that is good... PLEASE!

  15. this is a good car, but i expected better from porsche, the design is bland and to unoriginal from the rest of the lineup. naming schemes are clever, but design schemes make cars look the same, look at the camry and the corolla

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