Update: Volkswagen Reveals European Scirocco Pricing And Specs

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UPDATE: Volkswagen has announced that its new Scirocco coupe will go on sale in Europe this August with prices starting at £20,500 (approximately US$40,258) for the base 1.4L TSI petrol variant with 120hp (90kW). The entry-level model also comes standard with 17in alloys, leather trim for the steering wheel and handbrake, sporty bucket seats, six airbags and a sports-tuned chassis.

The standard gearbox is a conventional six-speed manual but buyers can opt for either six or seven-speed dual-clutch DSG units. The initial lineup will consist of the 1.4L TSI, followed by a 160hp (118kW) TSI and 200hp (147kW) TSI. Diesel fans will be limited to a 140hp (103kW) TDI, although a new 122hp (90kW) diesel will be added early next year.

There are still no plans to launch the Scirocco in North America due to the current state of the U.S. dollar, and recent reports claim the weak dollar could even delay the launch of the upcoming Mark VI Golf (Rabbit) as well.

After months of speculation and several leaks of official images last week, we can finally bring you all the official images and details of the new Volkswagen Scirocco sports coupe, which makes its debut today at the Geneva Motor Show, 34 years after the launch of the original model. Touted as a ‘practical sports car,’ the Scirocco merges advanced powertrain technologies with high levels of comfort and a spacious interior, and features a new transverse mounted seven-speed DSG.

First previewed in 2006 with the Iroc Concept, the Scirocco features an elongated roof, fluid flanks, an aggressive engine hood and headlights, and a broad rear end design with flared fenders and a wheel-at-each-corner design. With a length of 4.26m, the Scirocco is on par with the Golf. However, it’s built significantly lower to the ground and is nearly as wide as the Passat sedan. Four adults can be seated with plenty of space inside, and with the rear seats folded down there’s a generous 755L of storage space. The roof of the car, meanwhile, features a large panorama vent sunroof.

Powering the Scirocco range are TDI and TSI engines, all with forced-induction and direct-injection technology. The three TSI engines output 90kW (122hp), 118kW (160hp) and 147kW (200hp) respectively. The Scirocco’s common rail engine TDI engine develops a peak output of 103kW (140hp). Drive is sent to the front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox or optional seven-speed DSG. The quickest version of the car sports a 200hp TSI engine with 280Nm of torque and completes the 0-100km/h dash in 7.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 235km/h, while still delivering an impressive fuel consumption figure of 31mpg (7.6L/100km)

The Scirocco will be entering the market across Europe in late summer, and other countries will follow over the course of the next year. Unfortunately for U.S. fans, there are still no plans to bring the Scirocco Stateside but this may change depending on the level of interest the car garners in other markets. All models come with an adaptive chassis control system (with ‘Normal,’ ‘Comfort,’ and ‘Sport’ modes), 17in alloy wheels, sports buckets and six airbags as standard.


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Comments (19)
  1. Apparently they are leaving room for tuners or a GTI\R Version. Only 7.2 seconds for a turbo? but I guess the R32 does it in 6.5, according to the VW website.

  2. That still seems slow these days when a Honda Accord can almost beat it.
    I'd say 5 flat is a good starting point for any sports car these days.

  3. flat 5 is a bit optomistic but I cant see it happening in a jumped up Golf when you think that a 335i does it in 5.2 and that has a twin turbo 3.0 engine (although unofficially it is regarded to do it in 4.8 but so as not to step on the M3s toes its more conservative)

  4. it´s fantastic i would like knowing how long will it cost? if it doesn´t cost more than golf coupe it´s likely that i will bu it

  5. it´s fantastic i would like knowing hlw long will it cost? if it doesn´t cost more than golf coupe it´s likely that i will buy it

  6. PLEASE bring this model to the US as an AWD HO, yet fuel efficient model and I would buy one is a heartbeat!!!!!! PLEASE reconsider your decision to keep this vehicle in Europe.

  7. I would love to see this in the US as well. I wish we could get more of the Europe offerings in the US. At least Ford is going in the right direction.

  8. You can understand why they don't want to sell it in the USA. Over here they could only charge $30K for a well equipped example, and that's substantially less than they sell for in Europe. The original comments about it competing too much with the Golf GTI is a smokescreen.

    One thing I can't understand is then not wanting to bring the next gen Golf over here ASAP, as it's supposedly cheaper to build than the current car...

  9. What? €27,490 ($42,576)?

    Thanks, but you can keep it. I'd rather take RWD 3-series for that money. Or used Mustang GT, for that matter.

  10. You realize that you can't compare car prices between the US and Europe, right?

  11. You cannot take the exchange rate and simply assume that is what VW will sell this car at. Look at volkswagen.de and price out the GTI. The Konfigurator has it priced at $27,500(Euro), which would be $43K(USD). Would you pay that for a GTI? Obviously not.
    If this car was brought to North America, I would expect it to be priced above the Rabbits and the GTI, but with a basic package that offers more than both of them.
    Oh, this car would pull me to a VW dealership, but there is not a car on their lots right now that even interests me.

  12. I LOVE this car. I wish VW could bring it here. This would be my PERFECT commuter. As PJE said however $30-35K max for the states.

  13. hello,
    in germany the 90KW scirocco starts at 21.750 euro, the 147KW at 25.500 euro

  14. Those are not european prices. Change the title.

    Those are prices for Portugal. Cars are very very expensive there... Loads and loads of taxes...

    In fact, that's where the car is made... and where the pictures were taken...

    Take this post with a scirocco sized grain of salt...

  15. Yes admin, I know I can't compare prices in US with those over here :)

    But still, over 20 k € for basic car? That's a little over the top. Especially because I get used Mustangs for that money, and they smoke this VW anyday. But it's a matter of personal taste. I like Scirocco, but it's not on top of my list. I guess I have a crush on american wheels :D

  16. Be aware that this is the DUTCH price, including 42% LUXURY TAX and 19% VAT!!!!! The car is much cheaper in Germany!

  17. The original €27,490 figure was the price of the car in a handful of European countries, including taxes. The story has since been updated with the car's base price in the UK without taxes.

  18. alloy wheels are awesome. same as passat coupe wheels. a product of CMS wheels, an European OEM + aftermarket supplier.

  19. i live in germany, my question is if i buy this car would i be able to later on (in 3 - 4 yrs) make this vehicle meet US Specs?

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