Update: 2009 Audi S4 Avant spy shots

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Update: 2009 Audi S4 Avant spy shots

Update: 2009 Audi S4 Avant spy shots

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Updated: Audi’s new supercharged S4 range is set to be revealed at November’s Paris Motor Show but a number of barely disguised prototypes, both the sedan and now the Avant wagon, have been spotted testing on public roads in Germany. The new S4 is also confirmed to receive a 350hp (261kW) supercharged V6 in place of the former’s V8 engine as well as a seven-speed dual-clutch S tronic gearbox.

At 142kg, the new dual-clutch transmission is 40kg heavier than the previous manual. Straight-line performance may actually improve, however, since the unit manages shifts much quicker than any human. The extra weight could hurt transitional performance, but it’s located low and at the center of the car's mass, so it will have as little effect as physically possible. The weight gain should be offset by savings in other areas, including the lighter engine anyway, so the result should be a net benefit to performance compared to the old model.

Performance for the new S4 is fitting for a car with the S badges: 155mph top speed and 0-60mph in less than six seconds. As the spy shots below show the car's exterior design is already essentially finalized, and now the powertrain is coming together.

Original: Vienna's International Motor Symposium has been a showcase for the latest in powertrain development for nearly 30 years and with the close of this year’s event last week has come some interesting information about the next-generation Audi S4 sedan. The new car is expected to sport a supercharged V6 in place of the current model's 340hp (250kW) V8.

Original reports of the V6 S4 were based on unconfirmed sources, but it turns out they were accurate. The company has yet to release official details and specifications for the new engine, but our German colleagues at Auto Motor und Sport report that the announcement was in fact made in Vienna and that the upcoming S4 would be powered by a 350hp (257kW) 3.0L supercharged V6.

Advantages of the new package include lighter weight, greater fuel economy and equal or greater power - all of which should translate into better performance. The new V6-powered S4 isn't due until the 2010 model year.

Also in the Vienna announcement was news that Audi's A6 would receive a somewhat detuned version of the force-fed V6, generating 290hp (215kW) and 420Nm of torque.

2009 A4 Avant spy shots

2009 Audi S4 spy shots
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Comments (7)
  1. Good news! And the RS4 deserves a "twincharged" version of this engine (that is, one turbocharger and one supercharger).

  2. I really hope RS4 stays away from force induction actually, that high revving V8 was a big part of RS4's appeal. As for the twin clutch, about time i say, Audi was the first to bring twin clutch to the market, yet it has taken them a long long time to finally fit it into the range topping RS and S models

  3. i agree with alan he is right. The high reving v8 in the RS4 was the reason why i baught 1 after test driving it for abt 10 mins it was just a masterpiece you really have to drive the thing to know how great the engine is..but i heard they would be making an RS5 i hope they put the high raving v8 in that with a bit more power.....

  4. Alan, the problem was because the S-tronic gearbox was not ready to handle high hp or torque ratings. In March they announced a new upgrade for it, see here -

    Note that it allows engine revving up to 9,000 so we should still see some very highly strung motors coming out of Audi. But you are right, they lost the technological leadership when they delayed this upgrade. Nissan and Ferrari are already doing better.

  5. I'm aware that early version of DSG can't handle high power, what baffles me is that Bugatti, Nissan and BMW has all managed to get a DSG to market with high power before Audi.

    As for next RS4, rumour has it that it'll stay naturally aspirated V8 but power up to 450bhp to compete with C63

  6. bugatti didnt get it to market earlier than audi, because the bugatti has dsg.

  7. Err DSG, S-tronic all the same thing. Yes bugatti didn't get it to market earlier than Audi, what i meant is high powered version of twin clutch gearbox

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