New MINI Crossover Won’t Be Called ‘Crossman’

No Mini will be longer than 4.1m – the exact length of the Crossover Concept

No Mini will be longer than 4.1m – the exact length of the Crossover Concept

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Mini recently revealed a concept version of its upcoming crossover model at the Paris Motor Show but didn’t go so far as to give it a name. Until now most sources, including this one, reported that Mini’s new crossover will be called the ‘Crossman,’ however the carmaker’s global sales and marketing chief Ian Robertson has now confirmed the new model will go by a different name.

Speaking with Australia’s GoAuto, Robertson said “I can assure you it won’t be known by that name.”

When asked if the vehicle could be called the ‘Maxi’ – a name used by British Leyland for a five-door hatch that shared a number of features with a Mini project from the late 1960s – Robertson neither confirmed nor denied the name. He did, however, reveal that a FWD ‘Estate’ version of the new crossover will follow the AWD model, which is scheduled to appear sometime in 2011.

Production of the new Mini crossover will likely be outsourced to independent vehicle manufacturer Magna Steyr, which is expected to build up to 80,000 units per year.
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Comments (10)
  1. Looks like a Mini that's about to hurl chunks... :)

    It looks ok, I guess, but I wouldn't call it an SUV, but I guess everything is an SUV these days.

  2. There's a word that many car manufacturers (certainly BMW is one of them) should learn and remember:


  3. why ENOUGH when they know they will turn a profit...i dont approve of market saturation but they are coverign every signle niche now..german global domination on an automotive scale !

  4. It Is good!

  5. Isnt this defeating the purpose?!

  6. Doh! I thought it was a hot rod or a tuners car of the new mini.
    Shouldn't we just change the mini name to BIGGY. Oh wait should there be a mini brand instead.
    Bad timing anywhere in the world, tell me when I'm wrong after the car is release.
    It can't compete.

  7. The body is the same size as the regular Mini. This is just like one of those Volvo or Subaru specials where they jack up the suspension (and the price) to give the driver an improved view of the road. Perhaps this will be the successful introduction of the Little Utility Vehicle (LUV) to the US... although I wouldn't buy one!

  8. Looks good but I wouldn't call it an SUV. Its a station wagon.

  9. Give it a diesel for America

  10. It really depends. If it has 7" of ground clearance, a AWD system capable of tackling Category 1 through 3 or 4 (out of 10) off road trails, and gets substantially better gas mileage than other capable (read Subaru mostly) cross-overs, I can see a market for it. The diminutive size would be a riot on tight trails - you could avoid desert pinstripes where others suffer paint-to-ocotillo contact.
    If, however, it's a Rav4 or CR-V that's simple been left in the dryer a bit too long, it'll be a waste of sheet metal and gears.

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