Spy Shots: 2011 Porsche Cayenne Barely Disguised

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Prototypes for Porsche’s next-generation Cayenne have been spotted testing in Germany on several occasions, revealing crucial details for the new SUV which is expected to go on sale by May 2010. First and foremost, we know the next Cayenne will be smaller than the current model although it will still share a common platform with the next-generation Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7, both of which are not expected to change significantly in size compared with current versions.

The smaller size of the new Cayenne agrees with Porsche’s desire to create a much more hardcore performance SUV than the current model, which has been criticized for being too heavy. The wheelbase will be shortened by almost 40 mm, while the height will be reduced by about 20 mm. Other details include a taller waistline and LED daytime running lights.

The interior spy shots also reveal some new details such as the redesigned center console with air vents now positioned to the sides of the navigation screen instead of at the top, as well as much fewer buttons than the current model. The design also shows a similarity to the interior of the Panamera, which was revealed recently.

Like the current model, the Cayenne will be built alongside the Touareg and Q7 in Volkswagen Group’s Bratislava plant in Slovakia. Unfinished Cayennes will then be transported to Porsche’s Leipzig plant for final assembly.

Once again both V-6 and V-8 gasoline engines will be on offer, as well as a turbodiesel option and a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain to be shared with the Panamera sedan. Power will increase across the range over the current model’s levels but emissions and fuel-economy will be reduced.

Kicking off the range will be an Audi-sourced 3.0-liter V-6 turbodiesel with about 240 horsepower on tap. This will be followed by a 3.6-liter gasoline V-6 with 330 horsepower and a 400 horsepower 4.8-liter naturally aspirated V-8. The Cayenne S will get a 420 horsepower version of this V-8 engine, while a 500 horsepower-plus twin-turbocharged V-8 will be reserved for the Turbo model. Finally, the hybrid model will feature the 330 horsepower V-6 engine coupled with a 45 horsepower electric motor powered by nickel metal hydride batteries initially and lithium-ion units further down the track.

All engines will include Porsche’s new direct-injection technology, and some could even be matched to the automaker’s new dual-clutch gearbox. Expect to see 0-60 mph times of less than five seconds for top end models and top speeds in excess of 180 mph.

Look out for a world debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March next year.

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Comments (47)

    Man all I can say is that i've ALWAYS wanted a 911 crossover.

    yes yes i know its actually just an audi q5 rebadge,... but thats pretty much what it looks like. a hatch back 911. with a lift kit.

  2. That's why SUV's and sports cars don't mix. Because they don't.

  3. no,... i figured it out.. it looks like a mazda 3 hatch back. especially that second last picture.. the almost front on view.

    docile head lamps, bubbly character,... it's even got that character line / shelf going all the way to the tail lights.

  4. Whoever is creating product for Porsche is a massive tool. A baby SUV? Are you kidding me? This brand will have about as much cache as Mercury in a few years.

    Am I really supposed to buy a sports car for 100k, only to have it parked 30 feet from my soccer mom neighbor who has a Porsche Highlander? That would be so great to have her come over and say, "We both have Porches! Isn't it fun to have a Porsche?!" To which I would have to respond, "Honey, I have a Porsche, you have 'brand extension' created for the purposes of increasing corporate profits." I don't want to have that conversation! I want some exclusivity for my 100k, for crying out loud.

  5. What Stugots said with a cherry on top. I don't like where this is going AT ALL.

  6. I think a smaller, faster Cayenne is a great idea. I don't like driving my 4S every day, so I have a practical 4 door "other" car. The Cayenne is too big and ungainly looking - although they drive superbly - so a fast but sensible, practical Porsche-engineered "cross-over" will make a great second car for many Carrera/Boxster/Cayman owners. And here's a suggestion for all of you who continuously find things to criticize Porsche about - don't buy one!

  7. yesss finally...if the V6 Cayenne comes in at AU$100,000 then this bad boy should be about 60k....im lining up !

  8. You guys may not like where this is going, but the current cayanne sells really good in certain areas, i live in vancouver, and they are everywhere even the turbo's. I bet this has to do with the struggling economy people want to downsize without getting out of the porsche brand name.

  9. Sure, it's a great idea.

    Soon it'll be the Panamera. Then it's going to be a car to compete with the E class, then one to compete with the 3 series. Then they'll put out something similar to that *slightly bigger than a Smart* Audi has be pushing out there.

    Then they'll have an entry level SUV, a crossover, a station wagon, a motorcycle, a washing machine and finally a lawn mower.

    Then the decline of one of the most venerable automobile marques into one of the most expensive whores of the auto world will be complete.

    Just look at MB. It's already there.

  10. What Hector said.
    Next up, the Ferrari pickup truck...

  11. This car will replace the Cayenne, I'm sure of that. Small and light - that's the purpose of a Porsche.

  12. That design should be taken out and shot. It looks like a mix of a Paseo and an X5 - old and boring.

  13. Cayenne II, not Baby Cayenne

  14. If this is the next Cayenne, and not a "baby Cayenne" - then this is a disappointment, it's like they're essentially dumbing the Cayenne down and humbling it, this is not the Porsche I've come to love, admire and respect. This is especially disappointing being 911s are facelifted and upgraded, power and all and a hot new Panamera is on deck, I would expect the Cayenne to advance and grow. As far as fuel MPG, direct injection and other technologies which the '09 911s received will increase that as well as performance, and the additions of hybrids and Diesels will increase numbers and averages, too, even though Porsches are not looked at of purchased for economy.
    I hope the information is wrong and this is an edition to slot below the Cayenne, not to succeed it.

  15. Cayenne=Waste of an awesome V8! Plus the market is dried up guys, plllleeeeeaaasseee only concentrate your efforts on sports cars from here on out!

  16. For those who want a sports car but need a back seat this looks like a great opportunity. It's good that they are making it smaller and hopefully lighter. I don't see how it dilutes the brand to provide a car with Porsche qualities that can be used in more situations.

  17. Well, Porsche is a company and a company is no good if it does not turn a profit, and the reason Porsche can make high powered variations of their sports cars is the profits they get from selling the Cayenne.

  18. Lamborghini has had record profits and you don't seem them spewing out high-end soccer mom SUV's

  19. Quite a good looking car from the back. It isnt too good from the front but oh well. Has the black prototype cayenne been in a crash. All of its rear is kind of smashed in. It looks different to the GTS Red one.

  20. Hey J these record profits lamborghini had were the first time they were actually making a profit, thats why it was a record, they had been operating at a loss for years

  21. Lambo, and Bentley , were apparently looking at making another suv but deemed there not to be the demand for a £150k 6.0 T-T W12 4x4 in the case of the Bentley and potentially £200k for the 6.0 V12 Lambo...which would have essentially been the Cayenne/Touerag/Q7 platform but with uber luxury interiorsin the case of the bentley and outreageously sporty in the case of the Lambo...cba looking round for the renderings or any links

  22. i can understand if bently make a 4 by 4 beacsue having a bigger car can make for alot more luxury it could be great! but lambo..ewww please no

  23. Porsche makes more money then Lambo which is how it is buying VW

  24. Yep, still ugly.
    But if it pays the bills, sell, sell, sell!!!

  25. Sweet.. the cayenne interior was the only thing that kept me away from it . now that it doesnt look boring anymore im definitely getting this 1.

  26. whats the big red button for?

  27. my guess would be an ejector seat

  28. i think it looks ur in a tank or a fighter jet, being buried by the center console like that. so i guess an injector seat would make sense

  29. my guess would be an ejector seat

    hahahaha nice. I wouldn't want to be seen in it either.

  30. Looks like a shoe from the side profile. Other than that it still looks bad.

  31. I really like the current one. If i were to by a 4WD i would by the cayenne. But the pre face lift one. The front of the face lifted one looks terrible! I live in Melbourne and there are cayenne S/turbos everywere!!!!(hate the verticle air vents on the spy pics)

  32. This looks soooo much better than the old one. I hope that Porsche keeps making more cars to compete with Mercedes and BMW(I don't consider Audi competition in the near future due to Porsche owning them now), and I love the fact that Porsche is slowly taking over the German auto industry. They are the most profitable car company (on a margin per car, not overall gross profit) in the entire world and for good reason; they make great cars. I also think it would be awesome if they would design a 4 door carrera to compete with the c-class and the 3-series.

  33. Personally I wish Porsche would use their own engines in this car and not ones from the VW parts bin, but I do not know if it would work and how much engineering would need to be done to do it.

  34. i like it...if the prices are competetive we will be onto a winner :)

  35. Go for Aston Martin Vantage. They are not gonna build SUVs any time soon.

  36. Go for Aston Martin Vantage. They are not gonna build SUVs any time soon.

    You forget the Lagonda concept already?

  37. Go for Aston Martin Vantage. They are not gonna build SUVs any time soon.

    You forget the Lagonda concept already?

    i think everyone is trying to forget "that" thing haha

    my personal opinion of the new Cayenne is that it is nice...i like the new snout. It gives it a more agressive stance !

  38. very nice car..ive seen more pics in engineblox..

  39. That is a good point WizardsLore, we all want to forget the Lagonda concept and the new nose on the Porsche is a lot better then in the past.

  40. There is no way in hell that Porsche would let this go for A$60K... Yeah, this models smaller, engines are smaller etc, but that doesn't mean they're going to lower the price to reflect that. If anything, the investment they've had to make in engineering the smaller car, the smaller engine so that they work brilliantly will make up for any reduction in costs. I can see no price drop (except maybe to around $90K... Maybe)
    Otherwise, this looks amazing!!! I always questioned the use of having such a big Porsche 4WD, there's not really a market for it. But this will sell like hotcakes (expensive hotcakes). It's compact, stylish, a bit more hard core... I'll be putting off the Audi A5 I was going to get, I'd much rather pay the extra for this...

  41. You guys might not like the Cayenne, but the massive profits from it are paying for R&D on "real" Porsches. And that is a good thing.

  42. I read comments like this-
    "Porsche makes more money then Lambo which is how it is buying VW"
    Or This-
    "I hope that Porsche keeps making more cars to compete with Mercedes and BMW(I don't consider Audi competition in the near future due to Porsche owning them now), and I love the fact that Porsche is slowly taking over the German auto industry."
    I realize that some might be confused. Porsche's attempt to purchase VW was not only unsuccessful, it was a disaster. Let me catch you up on what actually happened in a nutshell.
    Porsche was indeed a highly profitable company under CEO Wendelin Wiedeking. He loved the high profit margins the Cayenne achieved largely because it's VW based architecture and parts, and attempted to secure those profits by buying up VW stock. He planned to continue this strategy until Porsche had a majority of VW stock.
    Problem was that Porsche went from independent and profitable to more than 10 billion euros in debt quite quickly. And CEO Wendelin Wiedeking, the Master planner? No longer with the company. Porsche is NOW asking to be absorbed into the VW group for 24 billion euros. And though BOTH companies have agreed on this deal, it still isn't a DONE deal.
    Continue to debate the pros and cons of the new Cayenne. Just don't do it under the premise that Porsche owns VW or that this is an Audi A5 based vehicle.

  43. I'm pretty sure the final model comes out will be very impressive...$60k, I don't know? Still a cool looking vehicle.

  44. Hi Guy's,
    I just took delivery of a Cayenne GTS (6-Spd Manual) and it's a blast and a half to drive. Porsche carved out a lovely niche for themselves with this particular SUV and, as far as I can tell, they have one incredibly happy customer.

  45. This might sound retarded but I kinda miss the aluminum inserts on the windows that the old one had. It was one of the distinguishing features on the old Cayenne.

  46. It's great to see this car getting better through evolution. Don't know if better fuel consumption is all that important to most who will buy this car, although huge percentage improvements in fuel consumption are very impressive.

  47. Wow.. This is great! I can say that this car looks awesome.. I love it.. This car is very cool... I hope I could drive one of this.. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I definitely visit here more often.

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