Hyundai develops high-performance ‘RS’ Lambda V6

Hyundai’s upcoming Genesis Coupe will feature a newly developed V6 with 310hp (231kW)

Hyundai’s upcoming Genesis Coupe will feature a newly developed V6 with 310hp (231kW)

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Hyundai is pulling out all the stops for its upcoming Genesis Coupe, already confirming the car will ship with Brembo brakes and now with a newly developed high-performance V6 engine as well. Based on the Lambda V6 family first introduced in 2004, the new mill has been given a number of modifications to improve its smoothness, power delivery and efficiency.

Cars on sale in the United States will feature a 310hp (231kW) version of the engine with 266lb-ft (360Nm) of torque. Picking up ‘RS’ specification (Rear wheel drive Sports), the new engine not only produces more power and torque than the previous 3.8L Lambda, it also delivers higher torque levels across the rev-range and delivers its peak output figures at lower rpms. Joining the V6 is a new 223hp (166kW) 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder.

Other high-performance accessories include the aforementioned Brembo brake package, which features 13.4in x 1.1in (340mm x 28mm) rotors and four-piston fixed calipers up front and 13in x 0.78in (330mm x 20mm) rotors and smaller four-pot calipers in the rear.

To promote the sporty image of the Genesis Coupe, Hyundai recently held a special event where it invited a total of 20 different aftermarket performance tuners to measure up the car at the company's North American headquarters in Fountain Valley, California. The event gave tuners a chance to research the car and gather data to start developing a range of performance accessories before the car even goes into production.

Hyundai also used the opportunity to confirm that high-performance 'Track' versions of both the V6 and four-cylinder models will be offered. Some of the uprated features planned include stiffer suspension and a front strut tower brace.
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Comments (12)
  1. Thats nice, that 4 banger is gonna have SOOOO much potential.. one thing to change, its a 3.8L V6 not a V8... :P

  2. Too bad that if you purchase and install tuner equipment in some of the counties in California, it will (at a minimum) get you a citation an at worse get your car impounded and destroyed. And people criticize Russia for being "strong-armed".

  3. Let's not forget that the Genesis Coupé will appear in Fast and Furious.

  4. While this thing is great on paper, it just looks too generic. Asian styling isn't bad per se, but whatever happend to the Supra, the NSX, cars you could just instantly recognize from miles away?

  5. They could hire an Italian designer...

  6. Like Gus says.... Good on paper.... The Tibiron (Spell Check) looked better when it came out...

    It isn't the time for this car.... Come out with some like a GTi Accent or Excel version....

  7. For more information and discussion on the GenCoupe. Please feel free to join us at

  8. Way to go Hyundai for ttrying to be sporty, now bring on an awd Sonata with a twin turbo 4 cylinder and over 300 hp

  9. @ Gus
    This car was designed at the Hyundai Design center in is this car design Asian????? oO

  10. or did I mistakenly thought that you implied that? If I did, my bad.

  11. But seriously for those who question its Asian-ness design. You can't say this design is Asian -_-

  12. Its about time Hyundai start to get more serious. The coupe caught my attention. Read somewhere its a rip off of the Infiniti... good thing I am no fan of Infiniti!

    Its a start for a company that produces....... Hyundai. Give them a few more models down the road, they will catch up with their Japanese rivals in terms of designs and performances.

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