Next-generation Ford Ka stars in new Bond film

Next-generation Ford Ka stars in new Bond film

Next-generation Ford Ka stars in new Bond film

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While most Bond fans will be salivating over the Aston Martin DBS in the new Bond film, the oddly named Quantum of Solace, fans of the Blue Oval can look out for the appearance of the next-generation Ka subcompact. As expected the diminutive hatch won’t be 007's primary mode of transport. Instead, the new small car will make its screen debut alongside the film's leading lady, Olga Kurylenko.

The Quantum of Solace Ka is unique with metallic gold paint and an exclusive exterior graphics and interior trim combination.

The special Quantum of Solace'Ka was created by Ford of Europe's design team in collaboration with the movie's production designer, Dennis Gassner. The Ka's cameo continues Ford’s relationship with the James Bond films, following the debut appearance of the Mondeo in 2006’s Casino Royale.

The new Ka will make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show on October 2. Opening night for the new Bond flick is October 31 in the UK and France and November 7 for other markets.

Quantum of Solace Ford Ka

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Comments (7)
  1. Well, if the producers are wiling to take free Aston Martins for filming, then they might as well use Ford products for every car needed!
    Product placement is funny, but I'll bet most people don't even realize all the different brands Ford has it's hands in.

  2. the picture just looks like a scrunched up fiesta

  3. But product placement was all over Casino Royale. A bit to much. No scene without Ford, Sony or Omega products. But if I can get a Ka with rocket launchers and stuff I would buy it ^^

  4. styling on the back end looks a little like the C30.

    Gus; i know we talked about this before but you're right,... most people would never know all those brands are ford, but to the people who do know, its just funny more than anything.

    hms, i believe thats exactly what the Ka is... its just a short version of the fiesta. same platform, and everything.

  5. In a few years time we will go to the movies to watch two full hours of product placements interspersed with a few minutes of original movie content.


  6. to be honest guys it's not distatstefuly down...there was no "this new mondeo is great" or anything like that in the old film and Ford have stakes in enough car companies to makei t unnoticeable...nearly

  7. People actually go see the new Bond movies after Criag took over as Bond?

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