Revealed: Pininfarina-designed 'Hyperion' Rolls Royce

Revealed: Pininfarina-designed 'Hyperion' Rolls Royce

Revealed: Pininfarina-designed 'Hyperion' Rolls Royce

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Named for a Titan in Greek mythology, the Pininfarina-etched Hyperion is designed to evoke memories of cars from the 1930s with its long majestic bonnet, short rear overhang and low rooflines. Based on the Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe, the changes needed to create the Hyperion include the removal of the rear seats and a shift in driving position, which is now 400mm further back in the Hyperion than in the Drophead.

To mimic the proportions of pre-war cars, Pininfarina had to extend the roof and shorten the rear end but apart from these changes the interior appointments remain intact. The bodywork is made of carbon fiber, while interestingly the doors are made of solid wood by craftsmen who usually reserve their services for luxury boats.

The car was designed by the Special Projects division of Pininfarina, who also created the one-off Ferrari P4/5 a couple of years ago for James Glickenhaus. The Hyperion was designed for Rolls-Royce collector Roland Hall, who made specific requests for the cars appearance and utility - including two compartments for small items such as hunting rifles, located in front of the windscreen.

While most of the interior remains intact, one change to the instrumentation has taken place - a watch has been specially designed for the Hyperion by Girard-Perregaux, and sits in the dashboard in a special cradle, but can also be removed and attached to a bracelet to be worn on the wrist.

The standard Drophead coupe features a 6.75L V12 engine developing a peak output of 453hp (338kW) and 531lb-ft (720Nm) of torque, which is enough for an electronically limited top speed of 155mph and a 0-60mph sprint of just 5.6 seconds. No major mechanical changes have been installed for the Hyperion.
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Comments (16)
  1. Whenever Pininfarina leans towards modifying an already awesome car, my head begins to vibrate with anxious anticipation of something spectacular, because whenever they get to something, it is transformed from a great car, into a work of art...

  2. Absolutely - 100% agreement. Pininfarina has a very high success rate at turning attractive cars into gorgeous automobiles.

  3. this thing wreaks of elegance

  4. I'll be in Monterey this weekend so I cant wait to see it. A truly stunning piece of work/art!

  5. I'll be the lone voice in the wilderness and say that *weird* and *unique* do not equal *beautiful. The engine bay on this thing is as long as the rest of the car. It comes from what I like to call the *Batman animated series school of car design*.

    Just because you saw it in a cartoon doesn't mean it'll look good in real life.

    But I have to see other shots before I render verdict.

  6. looks great not as good as the morgan tho need to see it properly

  7. I can already picture in my head, Ralph Lauren driving one these, as well as 50 cent, Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, Puff doodie, The NFL, NBA, and the entire Hip Hop comunnity. That said, I think its the best looking RR to date, although the headlight is a bit wierd. The rear end reminds me of a Lexus SC.

  8. I really like the front end but really hate the rear end!!

  9. Got to ask the question....WHY???? What is the point of this car except to show just how big the gap is between the have and the have nots. Now I am not one to begrudge some one who has money, good on them, but this is such an over indulgence.
    It's not exactly a really nice looking car either, that timber on the bonnet and rear will need alot of attention later on in life(mind you its not going to be kept outside is it!!!) and whats the go with timber doors? whats the crash worthyness of solid timber???

  10. Just re-read my comment, not very complimentary eh!!!

  11. don't worry zandit, i'm with ya there. when is this guy gonna take this car out because he wants to go on a 'hunting' trip? c'mon... this is basically a slap in the face to everyone else on the road

  12. I didn't particularly like the renderings, but I do like the finished product.

    As for the point of the car: It is a lovely object, it takes you back to times when things were very different. I could understand why the car would make someone very happy indeed.

    And as for for Puff Diddly and the entire NBA driving the things, I think it is a design for one client only.

    As Lieutenant Columbo used to say "My wife has a car, but that's just for transportation." Cars are more than just transportation.

  13. the front looks nice...but the rear is horrific.

    all in all it is a design excercise that cambers to the tastes of an egocentric ogliarc.

  14. Ha ha ha. Terrible.

  15. I have to say that it looks very like a Bentley at the rear. Overall I like the lines of the car but find the choice of rims absolutely hideous. I can't help thinking that shod with an alternate design of rims the car would look a whole lot better.

  16. the only problem with this car is the colour, it is baby bentley blue. Footballers wife!!

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