New details emerge on Audi's upcoming TT-RS

RS-prepped Audi TT will feature newly developed five-cylinder turbo

RS-prepped Audi TT will feature newly developed five-cylinder turbo

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The TT-RS has been launched. Click here for all the official details and images.

Audi took the wraps off its new TT-S range back at January’s Detroit Auto Show and then followed it up with the new TT 2.0L TDI diesel and entry-level 1.8L TFSI, however there’s one more TT variant in the works and it could potentially be the fastest production TT ever. The new car is the performance RS variant of the TT and the latest reports indicate that the TT-RS will be a potent performer indeed, with 340hp (253kW) and 332lb-ft (450Nm) on tap.

The new details are reputed to originate in a leaked Audi memo to its dealers in Germany, and though it's unofficial, the figures appear to add up. Both the roadster and the coupe will feature the same power output, quattro AWD and a six-speed transmission - though it's not yet clear if it will be a dual-clutch unit or a traditional manual. Other features listed include 18" aluminum wheels with dual five-spoke design, twin-exit oval exhaust pipes, a fixed wing, matte aluminum headlight housings, and a unique interior with Alcantara and leather.

According to the memo, both variants of the car are scheduled for German launch in the third quarter of 2009, and each dealership will be initially allocated just one of either the Coupe or Roadster variants.The car was originally thought to be launched at the end of this year but its release date has since been pushed back because of the extra time required to further develop and test its all-new engine. Audi is also looking to use the same engine in a new RS variant of the A3 hatch as well. This model is expected to arrive soon after the launch of the TT-RS.

The new engine will feature an inline-five design and is said to be only 6cm wider than the current four-cylinder 2.0L TFSI mill. This is because of the relatively small cylinder size of the new engine, which will reportedly total just 2.5L in displacement.

While the RS3 remains hidden, the upcoming TT-RS and its Cabrio variant have been spotted in prototype form testing at Germany’s Nurburgring. Although engineers were using a TT-S shell for the coupe, key features such as the oversized cross-drilled brake discs, upgraded calipers, electronically controlled rear-spoiler and carbon-fiber elements suggest the test car is an even sportier model. The TT-RS Cabrio is believed to be closer to the car's final look, though it too remains in developmental status for the present.

Audi TT-RS spy video

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Comments (16)
  1. This is by far the best looking car that Audi makes!

  2. From the looks of it, it's a track ready daily driver, with some impressive looks and power, all sported under that awesome Audi logo, finally we get a glimpse of a TT on steroids...

  3. looks like a baby s5

  4. is it a 2 seater or 4.
    Its looks nice and small. Can't wait for the real thing.

  5. Isn't this new Audi not much more than a redesigning of the new VW Beetle? The chassis of both cars must have something in common since 'platform sharing technology' is the latest norm.

  6. @ Edward - The TT is indeed based on the same platform as the VW New Beetle, which is the Golf IV platform in any case - I think it's more than a re-design, though. Which one would you rather have? The clown mobile or the TT?

  7. Very nice.
    Audi is at the top of it's game.
    While there are only 1 or 2 BMW's that I find attractive, and 1 or 2 MBZ's, I find almost the entire Audi line to be good looking, and with performance to match...

  8. Gus, I'm with you on that assessment,.. I fear the only thing that stops audi from competing with the other two marks is that they must have VW type quality concerns.. the sort of problem that BMW and MB have been correcting over the last 10 years..

  9. Audi just need to sort out their drive terrains. too much FWD.

    The TT, A3, A4, A6 and A8 are all FWD unless opted to be AWD if they were real wheel drive it would make them a bit more fun.

  10. Make the TT midengined, or front midengine, that would make it sportier.

  11. I think it's plenty sporty for 99.99999% of drivers out there.
    I have my own sports car club, and believe me, most of my members don't know how to wring half of what their car is capable of out of them.
    Unless you have some serious track time or a professional instructor and the gall to push your car to the limit and shred the tires, you won't ever know what your car can do.
    That is true for a Focus or a Ferrari.
    That said, this little car looks like a hoot.
    If I didn't need a back seat in convertible, I'd buy this over many other choices, in large part because unlike many (most?) cars these days, it has a unique style you could actually recognize from a long ways away...

  12. Mid-engines would also make it a good little brother to the R8. Even if most people do not notice, some people will appreciate it.

  13. 350hp from a 2.5L gasoline engine? Great news!!! The Volkswagen Group is really pushing their specific output figures further.

  14. yummy, keep that colour and the black wheels to =D, but yes that is cool, TT's arnt girls cars anymore

  15. Geez, looks a little 911ish, doesn't it?

  16. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

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