Report: V12 Cadillac XLS shelved, DTS/STS replacement still in the works

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Report: V12 Cadillac XLS shelved, DTS/STS replacement still in the works

Report: V12 Cadillac XLS shelved, DTS/STS replacement still in the works

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Tough CAFE standards, even tougher economic conditions and high oil prices have conspired to lay the ultra-luxury Cadillac XLS and its V12 engine to rest. Never officially confirmed for production, there had been rumors that it was being worked on internally. At the same time, Cadillac's on-again, off-again DTS/STS replacement, though on hold, is still being considered.

The now-defunct XLS was expected to take cues from the even more extravagant Cadillac Sixteen concept car (pictured), which was shown in 2003. The XLS had been envisioned as the halo model to rally Cadillac's return to the top of the full-line luxury ranks. Now, with the project on the shelf and the DTS/STS replacement in a holding pattern, the brand is more or less left without a true range-topper.

The V12 engine that would have powered the XLS was expected to be based around two 3.6L V6 engines fused together. That combination would have proved good for an estimated 600hp (447kW) and 540lb-ft (730Nm) of torque. Cadillac was also expected to include direct injection and cylinder deactivation to make the most of the big engine's efficiency, warding off CAFE-related fears.

Regarding the DTS/STS replacement, the company is reportedly still in development, according to Edmunds. The car that will eventually take the top sedan spot, known internally as the DT7, will still ride on a RWD version of the Zeta platform, but won't come along until late 2011 or 2012 now. That will give the company enough time to run out the existing DTS and STS models, deplete any remaining stock, and leave a brief gap before the new car's introduction.
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Comments (8)
  1. Bg shocker there, shelving the V12, no one saw that coming. Leaving aside the sarcasm, I am happy that the DTS/STS relacment is coming, because anything would be better then those two.

  2. noname.. are you basing that off the current DTS/STS? cause that car is basically a stretched CTS... which can't be entirely horrible.

    the problem is the 4.4L V8... it's ancient.. I mean, it was a great engine when it came out.. but that's what still in caddy's upper end models. you might as well drop the LS engines in there...

  3. Actually chris, the STS is sub par compared to the CTS and the DTS is ancient. The STS is not a stretched CTS, yes they sit of the same platform, but the interior of the STS and the suspension tuning are far different from the CTS.

  4. Caddy is at the precipice of a difficult situation, only the CTS is a modern design and the rest badly need up dating to become contemporary. All at the time that GM needs to invest huge dollars in the rest of the company and sales are down.

    Something needed to give, the V12 would be a great halo engine and possibly the basis ofa replacement of the 4.4, but the return on that investment isn't significant enough. From a performance point of view, a V12 provides nothing that can't be gotten from a V8, particularly when we're discussing displacement of 4-7 liters. Now a 20L engine would be a different story as the 12 would be significantly smoother.

  5. Well put Jim.

  6. Why should GM shelve this project? The car is great for the growing Mid East market. And perhaps a small V12 would not scare the environmentalists as much.

  7. Edward, enviromentalists hate all engines, they only tolerate hybrids and 3 and 4 cylinder cars.

  8. I understand the stringent cafe standards .cadillac should build the body style even without the v16-or 12 this body style is absolutely stunning Iam sure GM can do this Iam 47 years old I have owned 3 cadillac cars there is no other Automobile like them they perform as a Automobile should They are like afaithful friend donot allow enviornmentalist to block your dreams .go ahead build the body style and make cadillac the standard of the world again

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