Production Mark VI Volkswagen Golf GTI images leaked

The Mark VI Golf GTI will output 210hp (155kW) - a modest 10hp (7kW) bump over the previous model

The Mark VI Golf GTI will output 210hp (155kW) - a modest 10hp (7kW) bump over the previous model

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In November Volkswagen unveiled a thinly disguised 'concept' of the next-generation version of the Golf GTI, one of the most acclaimed hot hatches on the market. New shots released today show the concept car was in fact a doppelganger for the production model, right down to the fog lights and the license plate holder.

As expected, the Mark VI GTI's styling remains similar to the previous model and is differentiated mostly by a new front bumper design. The last generation was purchased by 1.7 million people and it’s expected that this new model will do just as well. With both three and five-door models, it will appeal to a wide range of buyers looking for a sportier-than-average euro hatch.

The Mark VI Golf platform is the basis for the GTI update and, like its more mundane companions, the GTI is an evolutionary step forward, not overly different to its predecessor. The Mark VI model retains a 2.0L turbo engine but now develops 210hp (155kW), which is just 10hp (7kW) more than the outgoing model. Top speed is limited to 148mph (239km/h) and VW claims the car will hit the 62mph (100km/h) benchmark in 7.2 seconds.

The engine performance has been tuned to ensure torque throughout the rev range, with the GTI developing 206lb-ft (280Nm) as early as 1,800pm. The low-end grunt also helps the car achieve an average fuel economy of only 31.6mpg (7.5L/100km), according to EU tests.

Rather than adding lots power to their hot hatches, like most car companies do, VW has concentrated on improving the dynamics of the new GTI with a new sports suspension, DCC adaptive damping and an XDS electronic differential. Drive will be sent to the front wheels via a six-speed manual or optional six-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Although VW is yet to reveal full details about the car, earlier spy shots have suggested the new GTI will get a set of performance brakes, potentially from famed brake company Brembo. Other exterior appointments are expected to include standard 18in alloy wheels and LED daytime running lights. More details should be released closer to the car's launch at next month's Geneva Motor Show.
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Comments (11)
  1. I don,t think there will be a R32 golf, As there will be a GTI-R version with 265bhp 4wd, but anyway mk6 golf looks very good

  2. But why should they kill the R brand anyway?! There is no reason for that.

  3. those alloys are hot!

  4. CK, the R32 gets poor gas milage. Might be a casualty of the CAFE standards.

  5. Hey guys. IF they do another R32 like vehicle it will be in four years. They do R Golfs every 4 years. 2004 and 2008 next is due 2012.

    The GTI-R sounds very tempting to me. 2.0T and AWD YUM!

  6. Yes but the awd version will be heavy on gas 2, The evo x sportback is approx 20 mpg, but anyway the new GTI looks vry nice also, can,t wait 2 see it in paris.

  7. Guy there will be no R32. It will be replaced by the GTI-R. The R32 won't meet future emission standards. There will not be alast hoorah Golf R36 either. Other than a great sound, the 2.0L turbo has it over the W6 in every department. Not to mention a simple reflash of the ECU will give you close to 340HP easy. This is the advantage of a turbo engine.

  8. Laz is correct, the V6 with the added weight of awd is heavy and a fuel killer.

  9. 1. Its too soon, 2. The rear lost its sex appeal in this one

  10. what sex appeal?

  11. It seems it's the new 2.0 T(F)SI (EA888) already used in some Audis, which has nothing to see with the one in the Golf V GTI / Scirocco. The EA888 was introduced as 1.8 T(F)SI offers dieselesque torqueband (350Nm from 1500 to 4200rpm), constant max power (155kW from 4300 to 6000 rpm), and much better fuel consumption / CO2 emissions.

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