Full Specs For Production Ford Focus RS Revealed

Ford’s upcoming Focus RS sports hatch was first revealed in concept form at the London Motor Show back in July, and then again at the Paris Motor Show, but development work is coming to an end and sales are expected to start soon. Full details about the car have now come been released by Ford ahead of the car's official retail debut.

The 2.5L turbocharged inline five-cylinder engine generates 300hp (224kW) at 6,500rpm and 325lb-ft of torque (440Nm)between 2,300 and 4,500rpm. Acceleration from a stop to 100km/h (62mph) takes just 5.9 seconds and the car carries on to a top speed of 263km/h (164mph). Pricing in Europe will reportedly be set at €39,000 ($51,644). Despite the rapid performance, it's fairly efficient, rated at 33.6mpg US (7.0L/100km) extra-urban and 17.5mpg (13.4L/100km) in town for a combined average of 25mpg (9.4L/100km), which translates to an average CO2 emissions of 225g/km. Both are due in part to the relatively low 3,227lb (1,467kg) curb weight.

Based on the same core as the Focus ST, the RS adds power, handling and appearance modifications to improve the car’s ability to put its power to the ground and direct it down the road, track or gravel path. To keep the potent engine from creating unmanageable torque steer, the engineers designed the car with a unique suspension called the ‘RevoKnuckle,’ which enables the car to keep the intended direction of travel even under heavy throttle. This works in conjunction with a Quaife automatic torque biasing limited-slip differential. Combined, the Focus RS obviates the need for AWD and the attendant weight gains of the extra differential and driveshafts.

“Front-wheel-drive was our preference all along. All-wheel-drive systems add cost, weight, inertia and consequently, fuel consumption. Compensating for the significant weight of an all-wheel-drive system requires dynamic compromises we preferred not to make," said Team RS Chief Engineer, Dirk Densing. "If you can achieve the performance you want without steering disturbance, then front-wheel-drive is a better performance car – lighter and with a more precise, linear steering response than AWD. With the work of our advanced research team in Aachen, we were able to achieve this and deliver something genuinely different.”

Changes to the standard Duratec 2.5L block include unique camshafts, a revised cylinder head and gasket and revised intake and manifold system. As well as the extra power, the Focus RS also receives a 40mm wider track, 19in wheels, 235mm tires, upgraded springs, dampers and anti-roll bars.

But serious performance isn't Ford's only goal for the RS - they want the car to look the part as well. “Imagine a Focus WRC roaring through a stage in Monte Carlo – you know immediately what it is from front graphics, flared arches, and distinctive livery. Our intention is to make Focus RS equally and immediately recognizable,” said Ford of Europe’s Executive Director of Design, Martin Smith.

To that end, customers will have three color options from launch, including the vibrant blue seen above, as well as green and white. Customers will also be able to match the interior trim with the exterior color or pick a full black leather option. Other features of the cabin include Recaro bucket seats, brushed aluminum accents and standard micro-fiber trim. The performance driving environment is completed by three additional gauges from the Focus ST, including a boost gauge, sitting atop the center console and angled toward the driver.

When it’s launched in the coming months, the new Focus RS will mark the return of the storied Ford ‘RS’ badge, last seen on the first-generation Focus RS in 2002 and with a heritage stretching back 38 years including Fiesta, Escort and Sierra models.


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Comments (49)
  1. Dear America,

    You don't get this car.



    PS -- Go F**k yourself America, please buy our other crap you retards.

  2. ..a better, more powerful, nicer looking, mazda speed3 with a much nicer interior. yes please

  3. renton; you could get a mustang GT for this kind of money. just thought you should know.

  4. envy anyone
    Looks like Australia is getting some. Like always.
    I prefer the mustang thank you. despite its looks.

  5. No mention of AWD, but 400 torques is going to be a handful in a FWD car...

  6. Isn't a "rally" car supposed to have 4wd?

  7. Gus,
    It's rally "inspired" car . . .

  8. I'm not in the market for a Mustang or this Focus, just bashing here. :-)

    Good car on GT5 though..........one of the best FWD cars.

  9. sick paint job

  10. Well, the Evolution and WRX are Rally Inspired Cars as well, and they have 4wd.
    I'm sure it's a fun car to drive, but with that much torque steer and no better traction than any other car, the word "Rally" should not be in the name...

  11. Is the grill emblem a skull and crossbones? That should be standard trim on all Hi-Po FoMoCo cars!!!

  12. gus; FWD just sucks in general. but this car is almost identical to the speed3 on paper and let me tell you, with 270 hp and ft.lbs, that thing manages AMAZINGLY. the torque steer is worse on my 140 hp focus. I'm certain that this car would actually be done better than the speed3.

    as far as "rally inspired"... I don't think its fair to STi and EVO to call them rally "inspired". these two cars are literally street going rally cars. they arent full spec WRC cars, but there are rally leagues built around these two cars. Its the equivalent of your BOSS 427 mustangs from the 70's. literally road going NASCARs. race on sunday, drive on monday. and 4WD is a short sell as well, they're AWD cars, some of which are able to send 100% of the engine power to any one wheel.

  13. yeah that's looking very much like the WRC version. damned shame it doesnt have the AWD... but oh well. yeah thats hot. i give it the stamp of approval.

    plus the pictures look too... real. some renders are amazingly well done.. look like studio photography.. where as this looks like it was relatively quickly snapped off in a white room.

  14. this is so lazy! they put a body kit on a focus up the boost but don't bother changing the drive I would rather have an R32 or an S3 or even the 3.2Quatro A3 than this

  15. you'd rather have any other FWD hot hatch than this car? this is the only car that's in WRC from the ones you've listed..

    it's FWD because the platform doesnt allow for AWD that easily. if you look under the chassis of a Lancer, you'll see AWD written all over it. the C1-2 platform WILL be AWD so expect the next gen RS to stir up the EVO/STi battle.

    as for now, i'll take mine in white thanks.

  16. because they're the same size...the focus that you buy and the focus that's in WRC are rather different cars this is just meant to look like it for the 17-23yr olds with rich parents and 30-50yr olds who can't afford and Evo or STi

  17. Did any of you FWD basher even read the story? And I would take this car over the ugly looking mustang with its poor low tech driveline anyday.

  18. Again, w-e w-a-n-t r-w-d

    It's what makes a car cool, imo

  19. This time I think there might be hope.... I bet we get this car in 2012.... But the SVT team will want credit and it will be called the Focus SVT... Just like the one from 2002-2004.. Fantastic car with an American name... It was the carbon copy of the Focus ST170 of Europe...

    Anyup - Perfect car....

  20. I would definitely buy athe Focus over any of its competitors: VW-R32, Mazdaspeed3, Subaru WRX, and Mitsubichi Evo.

  21. "To keep the potent engine from creating unmanageable torque steer, the engineers designed the car with an unique suspension called the ‘RevoKnuckle’, which enables the car to keep the intended direction of travel even under heavy throttle. That obviates the need for AWD and the attendant weight gains of the extra differential and driveshafts. A Quaife automatic torque-biasing limited-slip differential keeps the traction steady even on less-than-ideal surfaces."

    Maybe all the naysayers will rethink their AWD bias?

  22. Probably not Tim

  23. The WRX STi has 305hp and AWD, and it'll get to 60 in under 5 secs. I'd take the AWD advantage any day over a car with the same power that's a second slower to 60.

  24. AWD is also heavy

  25. i'm a new member (longtime viewer) and i couldn't resist responding to this post. so here it goes.

    the focus rs would run rings around any production mustang on any track. but i have to say they did a mostly good job on the mustang styling, especially the rear haunches on the 3/4 panels. looks like a fastback/gt500 mix. very nice.

  26. @ chris, first off the Ford Mustang never was in NASCAR, and there was never a Boss 427. Anyway, I wish they'd sell this rather than the ugly piece of crap they pass off as a Focus here.

  27. Europe's Focus may be fast, sleek, and sexy but America's focus...has...SmartKey...?

    ...wtf, not fair...

  28. There was a Boss 429 Mustang

  29. I do not think that engine is a Duratec, since Duratec only has inline 4 engines, and the engine in this is an inline 5 that was sourced from Volvo.

  30. its does look great and the drive might surprise if it is a fwd, i doubt it but u never know. but i would never buy this car i would either spend a little more money and get an evo or wrx or get n older skyline or s3.

  31. Why the Mazdaspeed3 is a great and is fwd and is an amazing car

  32. At current exchange rates, you could get 2 mustang GTs for that price. Hell, you could nearly buy a Corvette Z06 for that money. I love the WRC inspired vehicles, and the Focus RS looks terrific. I'm sure it drives as great as it looks as Ford is a master at tuning their FWD cars. But, the RS really isn't exactly a performance bargain. If it were built here (which it likely will be by 2011) the car could definitely come in at a far more reasonable number, say $35k US.

    But, the Mustang is a completely different beast. It is very easily modded. There are dozens of companies who make performance parts for the Mustang. And the 315hp V8 has plenty of room to grow. You can check off a box on your order sheet and Ford will happily install a supercharger on it and bump you over 500hp.

    But, here is what you guys should remember. By 2011 we'll have all the Euro Fords over here, including the Fiesta and Focus AND we'll still have our fire breathing V8s and twin-turbo V6s to choose from as well. You'll have to continue to make do with just your I4s and I5s while paying 3-4x much for gas. ;)

    Just look at it this way, for roughly the same money there, you can get a GT500 or F150 Raptor here. And both would be easily as much fun as the Focus RS there. DIfferent strokes, different folks.

  33. Good thing the next gen Euro Focus is also coming to America and built in America so exchange rates will not hurt it.

  34. €39000 for this?! Are the freaking crazy?! And then they wonder why they have financial trouble.

    That said it's a reaaaally nice car and I hope Ford NORAM burns in hell for not bringing it over here and instead saddling us with the craptastic American Focus. The equivalent would be the US getting the M3 and the Germans getting only the girly mobile known as the 135.

  35. Hector, if you knew anything about Europe you would know they pay more for vehicles over there then in America.

  36. hector.. the funny thing is, ford europe is one of the only car companies still making money today. you think toyota and honda are the gems of the auto industry? people shit on toyota and honda in europe.. people would rather a ford in europe. especially UK.

  37. I looked at this and thought "what a great replacement for my srt/4 but then i got the hint that i cant even get one here. Now I'm pissed off, ford, wtf are you doing to me?

  38. come on kids, buying a rice grinder over an american rig is like making love to your sister, get a clue, join your home team

  39. Now why would i spend 40.000 on an ugly ass mustang ?
    I want to see mustang compete in rally against the focus, the mustang would fly off the hill

  40. Nice Ford...the only thing is that Sebastien Loeb will still win in his Citroen C4... ouch... You mean the French make better rally cars than the Yanks....? Anyway ...lets stop this US bashing... pity you guys don't get Citroen, Peugeot and Renault...more choice ...and more safety features...

  41. I think you guys are all morons. The car is important but the driver of the car is almost always going to be the decideing factor, and you can tell me all the stats on any car you want but if you can't drive it like a racer the way they are meant to be driven then you you have no right to say anything about any other car.

  42. I agree that in the end it's the driver who will decide how's he going to drive the car, if he's going on full speed or not. Well, anyway, this focus is really nice.

  43. THIS CAR IS THE BOMB.......


  45. hey guys I just found that AutoCar interviewed Jost Capito, the new head of Ford's global performance division. Capito and his team of bean counters reckon the whole exercise of homologating the RS for North American consumption would be too pricey to bear.
    This is not only dissapointing but also insulting, what are you trying to say that we are cheap!, I really think that we should stop buying ford cars and trucks to teach them a lesson to a point that they would have to sell the company to some other company with the guts and respect for our united states community.
    We are American Citizens and we have the right to purchase a Ford Focus RS without the need of import it.
    Jost Capito, I think is time for you to resign and give somebody with guts the chance to bring a real ford vehicle to United States.

  46. America gets the cars in the end because companies know we bitch, moan, sue over anything also expect the car to be $300 a month and have 1000hp. Oh and highest speed limit in US is 70mph. This is a nice car for a skilled driver, front wheel drive will kill anything on track. Ford knows what they're doing. Mustang is for wannabe drivers, heavy car with poor traction. Bring your muscle to autocross - will see how the hp matters, you could learn something too. WRC for life!!!

  47. Ford reported 1billion profit, they are not hurting, my svt was a really nice car, wish I wouldn't have traded it in for AWD 275hp edge.

  48. Good try Ford ....... But, however you slice it 300FWHP is not my idea of a great design concept to sell in the
    US.... Europe maybe.... But for $30 + large no way... If Ford geaux's back to the drawing board and gives us the same vehical with 4X4 and adjustable diff to split that sweet 325lbs torque to say 45/55 then you got a car worth $36,000.00 ........ Hell, the engin's a Volvo design anyway, why not use the same design diff that Volvo uses in their AWD sedan, I drove that baby and it was sweet, sweet, sweet....... If FORD had done the job right the first time they could be selling em' right now all over the US ..... maybe Id already be driving one.
    FORD= IF IF IF and But But But = maybe maybe maybe, should-a could-a would-a

  49. To Whom it May Concern:
    I agree with everyone here! Ford always build a nice car and never bring it to the United States for Americans to enjoy. The last compact car I can remember that was not promoted here very much was the Ford Merkur.
    I do not believe Ford Motor Company want Americans to buy all of their products especially the ones that is built for the European markets, eventhough, those are the car's we want in the US other than the Mustang.

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