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Once pushed an Opel Manta 50 miles using a '63 Impala wagon with tires tied to the front bumper


Guilty Pleasure: 1980-85 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

Guilty Pleasure: 1980-85 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

Sorry about the lateness of this installment of Guilty Pleasures; I got dragged off to some madness in Michigan and am only now getting caught up on my worship of cars I shouldn't want but do want. Cadillac made many such vehicles beginning in the late 1960s, when pursuit of market share took...

July 18, 2011
Nissan Pulsar NX Sportbak

Guilty Pleasure: Nissan Pulsar NX Sportbak

Welcome back to Guilty Pleasures, where we long for cars that we shouldn't, yet do, want. Nissan hadn't made an appearance in this series before this week, a situation I'm... read more June 15, 2011

Guilty Pleasure ZAZ-968

Guilty Pleasure: ZAZ-968 Zaporozhets

All these Guilty Pleasures cars, but which one am I actively pursuing for my own fleet right now? Yes, the Ukrainian-built, Brezhnev-era ZAZ-968, aka "The Soviet Corvair."... read more June 8, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Mercury LN7

Guilty Pleasure: Mercury LN7

In hindsight, last week's Guilty Pleasure car, the 1970 Mercury Marauder X-100, wasn't quite shameful enough for full GP status; sure, it's big and fat and nothing at all... read more June 1, 2011

Guilty Pleasure 1970 Mercury Marauder X-100

Guilty Pleasure: 1970 Mercury Marauder X-100

Eight Guilty Pleasures posts and no Ford products? I'll remedy that oversight right now. The folks at Dearborn have made all manner of interesting machinery that, these days... read more May 25, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Fiat Strada

Guilty Pleasure: Fiat Strada

My odyssey to the Nevada high desert got in the way of our not-so-regularly scheduled Guilty Pleasure post last week, but we're back with an exceptionally shameful— yet... read more May 19, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Mitsubishi Diamante

Guilty Pleasure: First-Gen Mitsubishi Diamante

After honoring a Chrysler-badged Mitsubishi in last week's Guilty Pleasure feature, I decided it was time to go back to Japan for real, with a genuine Mitsubishi-branded... read more May 4, 2011


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