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Once pushed an Opel Manta 50 miles using a '63 Impala wagon with tires tied to the front bumper


Guilty Pleasure: Eagle Premier

Guilty Pleasure: Eagle Premier

The Guilty Pleasure series has honored, if that's the word, one product apiece from AMC and Renault, but things really get interesting when you combine the two companies. Adding the troublesome PRV engine just makes it that much better! The Eagle Premier was more or less AMC's last gasp, although...

September 28, 2011
Plymouth Cricket

Guilty Pleasure: Plymouth Cricket

While Ford and GM both slapped Detroit badges on various captive imports and overseas-division products, neither came close to matching Chrysler of the early 1970s for sheer... read more August 31, 2011

1990 Geo Prizm GSi

Guilty Pleasure: Geo Prizm GSi

I've been really fixated on Cadillacs as Guilty Pleasure cars these days, and I considered going with the Cimarron d'Oro--or even an $85 1:43 scale diecast bustle-back... read more August 24, 2011

1987 Cadillac Allanté

Guilty Pleasure: Cadillac Allanté

We just honored--if that's the word--a Cadillac with Guilty Pleasure status a few weeks back, but I've been thinking about the fantastic expense racked up by GM by flying the... read more August 16, 2011

Humber Sceptre

Guilty Pleasure: Humber Sceptre

If you're going to get into British cars, you might as well forget about those dime-a-dozen BMC/British Leyland products and dive into the bewildering labyrinth of Rootes... read more August 10, 2011

1981 Dodge Mirada

Guilty Pleasure: Dodge Mirada

Malaise Era cars make for great Guilty Pleasures entries, in my case because I'm old enough to remember these terrible clankers when they were new and should know better than... read more August 3, 2011

1977-79 Box Caprice Coupe

Guilty Pleasure: 1977-79 Caprice "Fish Bowl" Coupe

GM made some strange-looking stuff during the mid-to-late Malaise Era, and the passage of a few decades hasn't really dulled much of the "what the hell were they thinking?"... read more July 21, 2011


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