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  • Jaguar makes some of the best, most beautiful, and most original cars on the road, but their lineup is painfully small. The new XJ tops the range nicely, and the XK is a good-enough GT, but...

  • The Untapped Potential Of The Zeta Platform

    I held off on writing this article as long as I could, and for a couple reasons. The first is that there are so many people in North America who are already aware of how great General Motors Company's [NYSE:GM] Zeta platform is. It underpins the Chevrolet Camaro and the now-deceased Pontiac G8. Now...

  • Why Does Mercury Still Exist?

    I live in Canada. Ford stopped selling its Mercury brand here in 1999, and, to be quite frank, no one has missed it. GM finally killed Oldsmobile in 2001, and I'm sure wed be mourning Buick right now, if it weren't so huge in China. The Chrysler brand has two good cars in its whole line-up. One is...

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