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  • BMW legends collection up for sale

    BMW enthusiasts, scrape your change together and think about a double mortgage. Enthusiast Auto Group announced on Wednesday it is selling a collection of BMW legends. The collection brings together 13 rare BMW models in one place, and they're being offered at one fixed price of $2.3 million. The legends collection is made up of four M3s, a Z1, a Z3 M Coupe, a Z4 M Coupe, a Z8, two M5s, an M6, a 1M coupe, and the pièce de résisance, a BMW M1. The M1 is the crown jewel for many reasons. Not only was the car a seriously limited-production model (only 399 were built), but it was...

  • The Mullin Museum's coupe body for Bugatti chassis 64002 - image: The Mullin Museum
    Bugatti Type 64 Coupe, V-12 BMW Z3, Bertone Pirana Concept: Top Photos Of The Week

    This week our news stories included everyone from Ricky Gervais to Chris Harris, but along the way we brought you some pretty awesome photos, too.. In fact, we've chosen the cream of the crop this week just for you. Our favorite photos this week ended up including mostly vintage vehicles rather...

  • BMW M's mysterious V-12 powered Z3 roadster, as posted to Facebook
    BMW Reveals V-12 Powered Z3 Prototype

    BMW’s Z3 roadster, built from 1996 - 2002, wasn’t exactly the Bavarian automaker’s finest effort. Essentially a parts-bin car, it’s primary claim to fame was affordability, and it was relatively successful in bringing the BMW roundel into a new batch of buyers’...

  • BMW 315/1 Sports Roadster
    BMW celebrates 75 years of roadster production

    Roadsters. Open air, summer sun and a visceral connection to the road. For many, the quintessential enthusiast's driving experience. But for many, many more, they are the attractive and sporting little convertibles that flit back and forth to work, shops and play with equal ease. Today BMW is...

  • BMW Z4 M Coupe
    BMW retires the Z4 M's straight-six engine

    Fantastic engines are to car people like a fine vintage is to a wine enthusiast - not just to be used, but enjoyed, savored as some of the highest expressions of the art of their creation. But like all such things, they are fleeting. BMW's S54B32 engine, the straight-six 3.2L cast-iron motivator...

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