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  • Buick plug-in hybrid crossover teaser

    The re-branded Saturn Vue hybrid won't make it off the design table at Buick.

  • Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid
    GM plug-in hybrid crossover on track for 2011 debut

    When General Motors sells Saturn later this year, it will lose more than a quarter of its sales of hybrid vehicles. Saturn, with no V8 models, fullsize SUVs or pickups, is GM’s most fuel-efficient brand and is second only to Chevrolet for overall hybrid sales with its Vue and Aura mild-hybrid...

  • 2010 Buick Enclave
    Report: Buick to get two-mode hybrid for new crossover

    If the rumors are true, General Motors may be in the process of developing a new Buick crossover - with a new two-mode plug-in hybrid engine that should take the alternative fuels fight to its competitors. GM, Daimler, Chrysler and BMW have been jointly developing the two-mode hybrid for some time...

  • 2008 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid
    Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid gets the axe

    While most automakers are scrambling to add hybrids and other alternatively-fueled models to their lineups, General Motors is getting rid of a couple of struggling hybrids currently residing in its range of cars - the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid and the Saturn Vue Hybrid. The move comes as a greater...

  • GM's troubled Saturn brand is emblematic of the struggle with inventory
    Parts shortages could delay GM’s plan to offer 26 hybrids by 2014

    General Motors ambitious viability plan announced a fortnight ago called for up to $16.6 billion in additional aid and the reduction of more than 47,000 jobs across the company’s global resources, but there was another major announcement in the plan that went largely unnoticed. GM also...

  • 2008 Saturn Vue Greenline Hyline
    Saturn Vue Greenline ‘Hyline’ headed to SEMA

    The Saturn Vue Greenline hybrid vehicle quickly fell off the radar following its launch back in November 2006, however the eco-friendly crossover is set to make headlines again, this time at the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas. General Motors will present a modified version of the Saturn Vue Greenline...

  • GM testing Saturn Vue plug-in hybrids

    While all eyes may be turned towards Chevrolet's upcoming Volt plug-in hybrid, other brands under the General Motors umbrella are also set to offer plug-in hybrids to help improve the carmaker’s fleet average fuel economy levels and become more competitive in a world of record high fuel prices. Speaking at the recent Plug-In Conference in California, GM's executive director for hybrid powertrain engineering Larry Nitz confirmed that plug-in versions of the Saturn Vue Hybrid were already undergoing real world testing. The Saturn Vue plug-in hybrids use lithium-ion batteries and according...

  • Saturn to drop 'Green Line' label
    Saturn to drop 'Green Line' label

    Saturn’s Vue hybrid crossover was one of the first petrol-electric models from an American carmaker when it was launched in 2006. Back then, marketers from Saturn decided to differentiate its eco and performance models by marking them as either ‘Green Line’ for the fuel-saving...

  • GM could have Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid by 2009
    GM could have Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid by 2009

    GM doesn’t plan to have a dedicated plug-in hybrid on the market until 2010 when it releases a production version of its Volt Concept car, however, there could be a Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid on sale one year before that. GM brand manager Jill Lajdziak has hinted that a Vue plug-in that can...

  • Saturn Vue gets two hybrid options for 2008 model-year
    Saturn Vue gets two hybrid options for 2008 model-year

    Saturn will offer two different hybrid options for the 2008 Vue crossover, with both vehicles getting the Green Line badge. General Motors made the announcement last week that the new Vue would be its first FWD vehicle to feature its Two Mode hybrid transmission and that customers can expect a 45%...

  • New Saturn Vue and Green Line Hybrid
    New Saturn Vue and Green Line Hybrid

    Saturn has launched its European designed compact five-door crossover, showcasing the brand's new design character and intensified focus on driving characteristics. Labeled the VUE, the new crossover will go on sale in the second quarter of 2007 and is Saturn's fourth all-new model since the...

  • Saturn Vue making its debut at L.A. Auto Show
    Saturn Vue making its debut at L.A. Auto Show

    General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has outlined key details about the Saturn brand and more specifically its Vue crossover. Lutz tells us that the vehicle will be launched later this month at the L.A. Auto Show and that it will be very similar to the PreVue concept (pictured above) that was...

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