Dodge Neon News

  • Lara Racing twin-engine Neon SRT-4

    The chimera you see here doesn’t look (or sound) to be the most skillful of creations, but we have to tip our hats to the crazy bastards who built it just for the sheer audacity of doing so. MUST SEE: 27-Year-Old That Crashed McLaren P1 Had Car For Less Than 24 Hours What is it? It’s a Dodge Neon SRT-4 that’s been upgraded with another engine in the rear, driving the rear wheels. Even more wacky: the two engines and drive axles can apparently be run separately—or together. In this demonstration, the car does a front-drive burnout, followed by a rear-drive burnout, and...

  • Chrysler-badged Lancia
    Marchionne: Fiat-Based Chryslers On Sale Before 2012, IPO Possible

    While it’s looking more and more likely that the first Alfa Romeos won’t go on sale in the U.S. until 2012, a new range of Chrysler models based on Fiat platforms could be on sale before then. Chrysler is planning to use Fiat’s compact car expertise to develop a range of new fuel efficient...

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