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  • 2003 Aston Martin DB7 Volante

    Aston Martin’s engine lineup is currently limited to a range of bespoke V-8 and V-12 powerplants, developing upwards of 750 horsepower in some applications. However, just a few years ago the niche British automaker was selling cars fitted with more mundane six-cylinder engines. Such an engine was last seen in the DB7, which was offered with a 3.2-liter straight-six engine option and was eventually replaced by the V-12 only DB9 in 2003. However, with a greater emphasis on more environmentally conscious vehicles, even among the luxury makes, Aston Martin is now considering reintroducing a...

  • alchemist gold aston db7 010
    Gold plated Aston Martin up for sale

    The transmutation of base metals into gold has been the centuries-long quest of the alchemist and now tuning company Alchemist has achieved the goal - after a fashion. Painstaking work and attention to detail, not to mention a great deal of gold and platinum leaf, went into the final result, and...

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