Aston Martin plans several new DBX variants and the latest to be revealed is a track-ready machine packing almost 700 hp. Called the DBX707, the super SUV will be used by Aston Martin for an attempt on the lap record for SUVs at the Nürburgring—a record currently held by Porsche's Cayenne Turbo GT.

Porsche is out testing an electric Macan that's set for launch in 2023. The electric Macan is a true next-generation design, but it won't immediately replace the current gas-powered crossover as Porsche plans to sell both side-by-side for a few years.

Koenigsegg has developed electric powertrain technology for its Gemera hypercar, and plans to also license this technology out to other companies. Included in the suite is an electric motor that Koenigsegg calls the most power and torque dense on the market.

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