Frankfurt will no longer host Germany's premier auto show, VDA (Verbandes der Automobilindustrie), Germany's automobile association, announced on Wednesday.

The auto show, known officially as the IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung), isn't cancelled but set to call a new city home.

Seven German cities including Frankfurt placed submissions to host the show and the organizers have narrowed down the list to Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. In particular, organizers are looking for the best solutions from host cities on how urban and sustainable mobility can be improved. A final decision will be announced within weeks.

“This decision was not an easy one for the VDA board of directors: (Frankfurt) was the city of the IAA for almost 70 years; internationally, this became clear from the frequently used term 'Frankfurt motor show',” VDA said in its announcement.

First held in Frankfurt in 1951, Germany's top auto show is a biennial event that has alternated with the top auto show in France over the decades. The next one is scheduled for 2021.

The auto show in Frankfurt has traditionally been the world's biggest but even it hasn't escaped the declines in attendance other shows have suffered as more and more car fans start to follow new car reveals online and end up skipping the shows. The declines have made it more challenging for show organizers to lure major automakers.