Cost cutting killed the Land Rover Range Rover SV coupe in January before it ever arrived. Don't shed a tear yet, know that it will live to die another day.

British coachbuilder Niels van Roij Design will pick up the pieces Land Rover left behind for the Range Rover coupe and will put the swanky SUV into production as the Adventum Coupe. It's not a direct copy of the SUV that Land Rover and its Special Vehicles Operations had planned, but the teaser sketch remains a handsome-looking thing.

According to the coachbuilder, it plans to build 100 of the Range Rover coupes and each will take about six months to complete. There's a lot of work to be done, after all, including cuts to the body to remove two doors from the standard Range Rover. Niels van Roij Design plans for an extended options list and a plethora of various interior materials will be available to customers. They include high-polished woods, colored leather with specific embroidery and patterns, tweeds, and more exotic materials. The overarching theme from the coachbuilder? Anything is possible with the Adventum Coupe.

If the Niels van Roij name sounds familiar, the company has penned a few notable designs in the recent past. First was the Tesla Model S shooting brake design, which was destined for production via a Dutch coachbuilder called RemetzCar. The Dutch firm has since closed and the last report from February claimed Niels van Roij was seeking another coachbuilder to tackle the project. Just one example was built before RemetzCar closed its doors.

The second design and coachbuilding project is a modern interpretation of the Ferrari Breadvan. The wild project will take a Ferrari 550 Modena and craft in it the style of the 250 GT Breadvan.

Those eager for the two-door Range Rover will be met with a price of $365,000 at current exchange rates. Options can push the price into the half-million dollar range.