An automaker has to push any new vehicle through vigorous testing before it's able to sell that vehicle to the public. Be it a compact econobox or a million-dollar supercar, the testing must be done and validated. Case in point is Apollo, which is currently testing its new Intensa Emozione on the streets of Hong Kong. Normally, any test footage released to the public is glossy, heavily produced content designed to only show the positive side of vehicle testing. Apollo has decided to release a quick bit of raw footage showing that testing has its negatives too.

Accompanied by a bit of text, we'll tell you right off the bat that this leans heavily on the dramatic side. Here's the full text taken from Facebook where this video was posted:

The automotive world is often a very secretive place and rarely is the public given a peek into the reality of what goes into testing a new car. Often the video content that is made public is highly curated and calculated as not to reveal any issues during a cars development process. We feel it is time to break with tradition and as a result we offer you this raw footage of the Apollo IE testing on the public roads in Hong Kong. 

When developing a new car it is important to test in various environments in order to properly simulate situations that a customer could experience in their daily use of the car and satisfy the quality, performance and safety standards that we as a brand stand by. 

This is why we not only test on closed circuits and various public roads (both rural and urban), but also in various climates. Having two factory cars allows us to conduct winter testing in Europe while we perform warmer climate testing in a densely populated city such as Hong Kong.

We hope that you enjoy this video and find it refreshing to watch footage that has not been subjected to countless hours of post-production.

What Apollo is saying here is accurate. Testing footage is used to highlight performance aspects of a given vehicle. It could be the towing performance of a new truck or the raw track-destroying lap times of a new sports car. Either way, you're only going to see what the automaker wants you to see. What Apollo has done here is release a video showing you the other side of the world of vehicle testing.

But what they're showing isn't all that dramatic. The car pulls out onto a public street in Hong Kong. As it drives away, the engine stalls and is quickly restated and testing continues.

That's it.

With a video description such as the one Apollo doled out above, you'd expect the Apollo test driver to experience something a bit more dramatic than a stalled engine. There are production cars that will occasionally see their engines stall. Not that this is a good thing, of course, but it's something we're not surprised to find in a pre-production supercar packing a 6.3-liter V-12 engine that produces 780 horsepower. 

Still, even though there isn't much drama in the video to accompany the dramatic text, you should still hit play on the video above. That's because the car sounds amazing as it rolls through an inky black Hong Kong night.