Do you like the Dodge Viper? Do you like it so much that you actually own one? Well, this is a story about a couple that enjoys the Viper a bit more than you do.

Meet the Rauh family from Texas. They own a few Vipers, and they park them in a very lovely garage. It's a massive garage, which is good because it needs to play host to the 140 cars owned by the Rauhs. Of that 140, 80—yes, you read that correctly—are Dodge Vipers! (Car number 79 was acquired in 2015.)

It seems that Wayne and his wife D'Ann just can't stop acquiring the V-10 supercar. Wayne believes he lays claim to 21 of the 80 Vipers in the collection. The rest are all the beloved property of D'Ann.

Now this isn't some static museum-style collection. The Rauhs get their cars out on the road and drive them. They then wash and maintain them, so all of the vehicles in this collection are in excellent shape. There are a few that don't get driven, but that's because they're special versions with very low miles. Most of the rest, however, get out there and hit the road.

With the Viper now out of production for good, we wonder what car the Rauhs will move onto next. Then again, perhaps they'll start scouring the classified ads for used snakes.


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