While "Top Gear" hasn't exactly worked out for Chris Evans, his co-host Chris Harris is certainly riding the wave. 

The BBC has announced that its American subsidiary—the creatively named BBC America—will soon air its "Chris Harris on Cars" show. Spawned from the presenter's popular YouTube series, the new program was initially planned only for the Internet and is separate from the "Extra Gear" show hosted by Harris and Rory Reid.

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Due perhaps to plummeting ratings for the flagship "Top Gear" show, the BBC has decided instead to air the 30-minute show on TV instead. 

BBC America says that "Chris Harris On Cars" will focus on supercars. Specifically, the network mentioned cars like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, McLaren 650S, Aston Martin GT12, Ferrari 458 GT, and Ferrari 458 Spider. Chris Harris' show appears to be a more enthusiast-oriented accompaniment to "Top Gear" that will focus on exotics but won't include the humorous challenges put to the presenters of the main show. Instead, Harris's show will feature "the most exciting cars on the planet tested on road and track and driven to the limit—and beyond," BBC America says.

The network says that "Chris Harris on Cars" debuts tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern (or 8 p.m. Central) on BBC America, where it will be immediately followed by the first and second episodes of the 23rd season of "Top Gear." That's three full hours of BBC car TV—so plan accordingly.


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