Documents filed in the United Kingdom indicate that Dyson, the firm best known for its high-end vacuums and public hand dryers, is developing its own electric car.

Britain's National Investment Delivery Plan indicated in a report published earlier this week that Dyson has been granted £174 million (about $246 million) for the development of a zero-emissions vehicle.

The report, which was first detailed in an article by The Guardian, indicates that Dyson is on the hook for 500 mostly engineering jobs at its headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, a small town in England's Cotswolds. 

Dyson hasn't shied away from telling the media that it is interested in producing an electric car, but the company has never formally made an announcement. Similarly, Dyson is no stranger to electric motors, though the ones the firm builds for its home and commercial products are clearly on a smaller scale than what would be required for a motor vehicle.

On the battery front, Dyson last year bought solid state startup Sakti3 for about $90 million. At the time, Dyson made no mention of an electric car, but the firm did indicate that its purchase of Sakti3 would open it up to developing "future Dyson technologies."