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Godsil Manhattan V16

Can you define the target demographic of the Manhattan V16?

Godsil Motorcars’ customer target is those with a net worth of $30 million or more. The Financial Times reports that there were 199,235 people in the world with assets of $30 million or more. These people are known as UHNWIs (Ultra High Net-Worth Individuals). The New York Times says that 40,000 of those individuals live in the U.S.. New York is the third fastest growing area for UHNWIs and is expected to grow by 31 percent over the next decade. The average age of these individuals is 52 years old. The Manhattan was designed with this in mind. These people have usually grown out of the “hard to get in and out of” supercar but really don’t have an option of a performance super-luxury car. The Manhattan will be a car that is large enough that ingress/egress isn’t a chore but has supercar performance. In the past five years an estimated $15 trillion has enter circulation. These newly rich individuals want to show their wealth with many luxury items and cars. Our company is the only solution for the individual who wants to buy a super-luxury car that is made in America.

How many vehicles do you envision in the Godsil Motorcars lineup and what would they be?

We want to be the solution to every facet of our client’s lives. If a trip to Aspen is on the schedule, we will have an SUV available to get them to the destination in style and comfort that they have come to expect. If they need the extra room for kids or entertaining a client of their own, our four-door will be a great choice. If they simply want to let off some steam our V16 supercar will fill that desire on their local track. I want to show from the beginning that we can do anything and everything, only the market will be our limitation not our heritage.

Our take

As we said the first time we covered the Manhattan V16, we would love to see Godsil succeed and bring this super-coupe to market. Frankly, we are happy to see progress has been made and he’s continued development on the car.

But many hurdles remain. Building a car from the ground up is very, very difficult, and total development costs for a new vehicle with new core components can typically range into the billions. From the sheer expense to meeting regulations, forming supplier agreements, and getting it Department of Transportation certified, there’s a long road ahead. Whether the Manhattan V16 will hit the road someday is yet to be seen.

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