Robert Goulet was headlining at the Dunes. The Sand, the Riviera, and the Stardust has folks eager to fork over cash to stay at their hotels. Caesar's Palace hosted a Formula One race. The year was 1982, and race cars were blasting around the parking lot of the palace. It's been 32 years since F1 machines have screamed at the strip, but it seems like the city of neon lights is ready to play host to the F1 circus again.

According to The Independent, Bernie Eccelstone has stated that the city of Las Vegas appears ready to go for such a race. Additionally, this race would most certainly be run right on the Vegas Strip. F1 course designer Hermann Tilke has even made a handful of visits to the city in order to plan out a path upon which the drivers can do battle.

This would make Las Vegas the second city in the United States to play host to the F1 series. Right now racing fans in Austin, Texas get to watch F1 at their COTA race track, with the 2014 United States Grand Prix less than a fortnight away, and they'll be doing so again during the 2015 season. But could the races alternate between Austin and Las Vegas in future years? Only time will tell.

Note, another city in North America is getting set to see a return of F1 racing. Mexico is on the calendar for 2015. This will mark the first time F1 has visited Mexico in 23 years. 


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