This video is hard to believe, but it appears to be as real as it gets. A man, passed out in his heavy-duty Ram truck (for one reason or another) along the side of a stretch of the Buford Connector in Atlanta, Georgia, is being filmed by a news crew. Then it gets surreal.

The man's truck is approached by a Georgia Department of Transportation worker, and after getting the truck door open, the man behind the wheel wakes up, appearing disoriented. He then accelerates away from the scene, smashing into stopped traffic just a few hundred yards away, causing a five-car pileup.

Georgia DoT workers then checked on the driver and took the keys from the truck's ignition, but the man escaped on foot, climbing over a barbed wire fence, before disappearing. Police have been looking for the man since the incident last Saturday.

The truck is registered to a Maryland owner, and the truck hasn't been reported stolen, but police haven't had any luck finding him--and they aren't releasing his name.

The DoT worker who woke the man up says he didn't smell any alcohol or other intoxicating substances on the man, but that the man "remind[ed] him of a diabetic," reports