While Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld may duke it out over who gets the first Acura NSX in the U.S., buyers in the U.K. need only fork over £5,000 to reserve their place in line. Pre-orders for the next generation of the Acura NSX opened there this week.

Why is Honda U.K. (it's not an Acura in some markets) pre-selling the NSX even before the final production version of the car has been revealed? Due to overwhelming demand, according to the company.

"We are really pleased with the interest we’ve already seen for the new NSX. We are still two years away from the launch of the car and yet we’ve received over 20 deposits and that’s before we’ve even announced prices or seen the final production car," said Phil Crossman, managing director of Honda U.K.

Whether Crossman's comments qualify as confirmation of the time frame and production green light for the NSX isn't clear--but it certainly suggests he thinks it's going to happen, sometime during 2015.

That fits with earlier estimates, and Acura would be crazy not to build the NSX. Of course, Acura doesn't always do the rational thing. Or does it?

Acura NSX II concept - 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Acura NSX II concept - 2013 Detroit Auto Show