If you own a Ferrari California and live in Eastern Europe or Russia, you may want to just park your ride for a few days and rent a Fiat 500 to be safe. We’re sure it’s just coincidence, but another Ferrari California in the region has been destroyed this week.

First, we told you about the 20-year old driver in Samara, Russia, who stacked a California on a test drive to avoid hitting a pedestrian. This time, Kontakt24 (via GT Spirit) tells us that a Ferrari California parked near the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland, mysteriously burned to the ground.

Details are scarce, but the fire appears to have started near the front of the car, likely in the engine compartment. By the time firefighters (seen in the video above, checking the car for hot spots) arrived, the Ferrari was already a total loss.

While early Ferrari 458 Italia models earned a reputation (and a recall) for being prone to engine fires, California models are generally immune from spontaneous combustion. Since this one appears to be a total loss, we might suggest the owner shop for a used replacement in Italy. Thanks to crackdowns by the Italian tax police, we hear there are some supercar bargains to be had there.