Kimi Raikkonen looks to be in fine form after returning from a two-year hiatus from Formula 1 to spend some time grinding it out on the World Rally Championship circuit. But he won't be returning to the gravel anytime soon--it's against his Lotus F1 contract.

It's an unsurprising stipulation in his contract considering what happened to Robert Kubica, who raced for the team when it was known asLotus- Renault GP, at the Ronde di Andora in 2011.

When Raikkonen told the press he would like to compete in this year's Finnish rally, he added the caveat, "you'll have to ask the team if it fits in my contract." Lotus team chief Eric Boullier answered in definite terms, according to GMM (sub. req.): "Contractually he cannot do it. End of story."

Raikkonen himself is no stranger to (minor) injuries in
his offseason activities, having hurt his wrist in a snowmobile race before he came on contract with Lotus.

Despite the ban on rally, Raikkonen seems to be enjoying his time with Lotus, saying, "Here I am able to do my own thing, to live a normal life like other people... Freedom is important--no one wants to be in prison. The most important thing is that what I am doing makes me happy."