French automaker Citroen has released two teaser images for what appears to be a bold new flagship model, possibly aimed at the growing numbers of affluent buyers in China and other emerging markets.

Citroen, in recent years, has attempted to position its brand further upmarket with the launch of its exclusive DS range of models.

Although based on standard models like the C3 and C4, the equivalent DS models offers customers much more in terms of exclusivity, style, and luxury.

Showing that it was serious about claiming a bigger stake in the burgeoning luxury market, in 2010 Citroen unveiled the striking Metropolis concept car. Designed by its studios in Shanghai, China, Citroen’s Metropolis was a large S Class and 7-Series rivaling flagship sedan powered by an advanced hybrid system and maintaining the French automaker’s distinct style.

Whether the model pictured in these teasers is a production version of the Metropolis remains to be seen, although the two do share some similarities. This can clearly be seen in the headlight shape, lower bumper design and angular side mirror housing.

There are already claims that the model teased here will be called the DS9, a link to its progenitor, the classic DS19, and that it will make its world debut at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show in April. The only official comment, released on the automaker’s Facebook page along with the teasers, is that the “future of the DS line is already taking shape at Citroen”.

Citroen is currently in the midst of expanding its DS line in markets outside of France, with Brazil, China and Russia all set to benefit. And with China now Citroen’s biggest market after France, it’s only fitting that the future-looking DS model is unveiled in the country’s national auto show.

With the 2012 Beijing Auto Show only a month away, we may not have to wait long to see what Citroen has planned.

Citroen teasers new flagship

Citroen teasers new flagship