When BMW purchased the Rover Group back in 1994, the deal included such brands as Triumph, Austin, Morris and Riley.  BMW sold Rover six years later, but it kept the rights to the Triumph and Riley brands.

Now, 12 years later, Autocar say that BMW has applied for a European trademark on the Triumph “wreath” badge, as used on its TR7 and TR8 models. The application, filed last October but only published in December, covers the use of the badge on automobiles, jewelry, watches, books, leather goods, luggage, cleaning materials, textiles and Christmas decorations.

If that seems like an eclectic mix, it really isn’t, since most of the items referenced are used for promotional purposes related to the car business. While the move doesn’t necessarily mean BMW will revive the brand, it’s a necessary first step if they’re giving it serious consideration.

Prior to BMW’s sale of Rover, there were rumors of a Triumph or Austin-Healey revival, and Autocar says that BMW even engineered a low-cost, four-cylinder version of its Z4 roadster for the project. Ultimately, however, the project never managed to move forward.

As recently as 2005, BMW’s Designworks studio in California launched a proposal to bring the new MINI Roadster to market under the Triumph brand. Ultimately, the idea was rejected by MINI dealers, who weren’t eager to revive a second legacy brand under the BMW umbrella.