In the gospel according to gear heads, it is written that there are supercars and there are daily drivers. While the two may co-exist in the same garage habitat, the merging of the species shall forever be considered taboo.

Or so it has been, from the days of the Bugatti 35, through the era of the Lamborghini Muira, on up to the Ferrari 458 Italia. While theoretically possible to use modern supercars as daily drivers, its neither enjoyable nor recommended, much like attempting an engine rebuild using nothing but a Leatherman multi-tool.

As Chris Harris points out in his latest video, the McLaren MP4-12C is the first supercar that can potentially change all this. It’s comfortable on city streets, with a ride quality that Harris likens to a late-model Rolls-Royce, but better.

It’s luxurious, fitted with everything from dual-zone climate control through heated leather seats and an impressive audio system. Unlike stereotypical supercars, it’s got usable luggage space, good outward visibility and functional side view mirrors.

While Harris makes a good argument for the MP4-12C’s day-to-day livability, there’s one thing he’s not factoring in: the MP4-12C is still an exotic car, and exotic cars draw unwanted attention.

On the road, other drivers will pull perilously close to see if that’s “really a McLaren.” Park the car, and be prepared to return to greasy fingerprints adorning paint and windows, assuming that someone doesn’t key the paint just for their amusement. As any supercar owner will likely tell you, outings bring a certain level of paranoia.

While the MP4-12C may be the first supercar that’s versatile enough to use on a daily basis, we still wouldn’t, even if we had the price of admission.