There's something about the raw horsepower, total disregard for nature, and outright awesomeness of a proper hillclimb buggy, like Tim Cameron's "Showtime," that makes us a bit giddy. You can see it has the same effect on the crowd in this video.

What you're about to see is Cameron hitting a new hill climb at the Superlift ORV Park near Hot Springs, Arkansas, dubbed Bounty Hill, owing to the $500 bounty to be given to the first to climb it. Cameron took the bounty, and as far as we can tell, is still the only person to have successfully climbed it.

Being new, it's still covered in a thick layer of loose topsoil, making the almost-vertical climb all the more difficult. Cameron doesn't flinch, however, even after a hop that'd scare many half to death. He just backs off and hits it again--and keeps on going.

This is just one of the many ways the South does horsepower. Release your inner redneck.

A minor legend on YouTube, Cameron's antics--and more info on his insane LSX454-powered rig--can be found all over his GotMadRam11 channel, and on Facebook.