Volkswagen in Formula 1? The last we'd heard on the topic, the board had put the idea on ice, thanks largely to resistance from board chief Ferdinand Piech. According to a new report, however, the VW Group's motorsport representative, Wolfgang Duerheimer, is putting together a concept to pitch to the board on F1 involvement.

But it probably won't be Volkswagen badges adorning the F1 cars--Porsche is a better candidate, said Duerheimer in an interview with WirtschaftsWoche. The reasoning? F1 is the premier motorsport in Europe and Asia, and especially so in the Middle East. Duerheimer says the brand is "not sufficiently represented" in these markets, particularly the burgeoning Middle East and increasingly up-market Asia.

The VW Group's move into F1 (under any brand) would likely start as an engine supplier, though Duerheimer's comments seem to leave room for even more involvement--if his pitch makes it past the board, of course.

Plans for deeper American racing involvement are on the docket as well, with Duerheimer saying NASCAR and IndyCar must both be examined for future involvement.