If you had to describe a fantasy test drive in just six words, what would they be?

That was the premise behind a contest to promote the new MINI Coupe, and it turns out the right six words were stewardess, salt flats, paratroopers, sushi and Falconer.

We’d never have guessed them, although they do bring back some startling-yet-oddly-repressed memories from our college years.  They really don’t have a thing to do with the MINI Coupe, although we’d be the first to admit they make for an interesting (if unconventional) promotional video.

The winner of the contest was Matthew Foster from Portland, Oregon, who won an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles to star in the commercial he helped envision--perhaps with the aid of psychedelic pharmaceuticals.

If you’re headed to an NCM cinema this weekend, you’ll likely see Mr. Foster’s smiling face on the big screen, since MINI USA will roll out a 90-second clip of the ad at cinemas nationwide.

We’re ready for the next six-word test drive, and we’re fairly certain that the winning combination will be “peanut oil, ski wax, twins and tequila.”

Or maybe that was another weekend from our college days?