If there's one idea that Porsche's fans--or the automotive press--just can't let go of, it's the idea of a cheaper, yet still inherently Porsche, sub-Boxster roadster. Today, talk of the 550-esque car surfaces again, this time courtesy of some hints dropped by Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller.

Referring to the "famous 'James Dean' Porsche," Mueller said he could imagine a modern version of the car. Later in the interview with Automotive News Europe, Mueller said a small two-seat roadster "would be good for us [Porsche]."

The small Porsche roadster seems to be approaching the realm of official approval and acknowledged development, then. If (or when) it does come, it will likely share some of its core architecture with a Volkswagen product of similar concept, which will itself also find a home with Audi.

Recent hints at what could power the car include talk of a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder good for 200 horsepower. That sounds like a winning combo to us.

What about you? Would you buy a cheaper, perhaps somewhat less prestigious Porsche? Or would you opt for the VW or Audi versions? Why? Let us know in the comments.

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