Trans Am Depot brings back the Pontiac GTO

While Pontiac might be defunct as a General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] brand, designer Kevin Morgan and the crew over at the Trans Am Depot in northern Florida are keeping the flaming chicken alive with their modern renditions of what Pontiac's Firebird pony cars might look like today. Given the longstanding symbiotic relationship between Camaros and Firebirds, it's easy to believe the guys at Trans Am Depot aren't too far off with their renditions of modern-day Firebirds—all of which are based on the new Camaro.

It might be laughable, were it not for Trans Am Depot's propensity for injecting its imaginings with serious horsepower—along with the appropriate bits to put it to the street. How does adding twin turbos to the vaunted LS7 powerplant strike you for openers? Their axles, drive shafts and 9" IRS rear ends are sourced from Hendrix Motorsports and mated with 3.22 gears, compliments of a North Carolina based NASCAR team. Suspension kits routinely feature Eibach springs and sway bars, while KM Forged wheels wear Pirelli P-Zero tires to grip the pavement. Interior and sound system enhancements are part of the Trans Am Depot's packages as well.

Trans Am Depot conversions look good, sound good, and go like you wouldn't believe. To date, Trans Am Depot has done an 1100 horsepower Hurst Concept Trans Am (BTW, that's 1100 hp at the rear wheels...OK?), a Firehawk Tribute Firebird replica, and this fall, the company is bringing what the 2011 Firebird Trans Am might have been to market.

Their latest creation, and what attracted our attention, is Trans Am Depot's 6T9 Goat (As in 1969 GTO.). This one is a rendition of what the modern Pontiac GTO might have been, had GM not gone all "down under" before whacking the iconic coupe. Based, as are all of Trans Am Depot's creations on the new Camaro, the 6T9 Goat is done up in 1969 Pontiac GTO "The Judge" livery. However, rather than reading "The Judge", the decals read "The Goat".

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