Ten Sedans That Would Make Great Wagons

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After years of being pegged strictly as mom-mobiles, station wagons seem to be enjoying a resurgence in the auto market as style and driving capabilities have drastically improved. Here are ten sedans that would make great future wagons.

With the success and excitement over recent wagon models like the Cadillac CTS-V and XX, the idea of a stylish, sporty car with enough room to carry a fridge or some 2x4s is more appealing than ever. And at the Geneva Auto Show this week, Mercedes-Benz showed an awe-inspiring C63 AMG wagon and Audi wowed with the RS3 Sportback, while Ferrari showed a lovely shooting brake with the all-wheel drive FF. No question, extended models aren't just people movers anymore.

It's all gotten me thinking: What existing sedans would make appealing wagons? Let me know what you think about the list below and feel free to add your own wishlist in the Comments section below.

Lexus IS F
1. Lexus IS-F
You could argue that the IS-F is the luxury automaker's only driving-inspired car in the lineup - save for the stratospheric LF-A - so why not carry some of that spice over into a bigger space? The danger is that you run the risk of hurting such a strong design - just look at the bulbous Lancer Sportback - but an IS-F wagon sure would make a great competitor for the CTS-V wagon from Cadillac.

2. Hyundai Sonata
The midsize sedan has already captured hearts and wallets away from Ford, Chevy and Toyota, so it could be another great move in a long line of recent great moves to add one more model to the lineup. With its good looks and fuel efficiency, mass appeal would be no problem.

3. Tesla Model S
It's tough for me to suggest building an additional model to a car that hasn't reached production yet. But the combination of style, performance and innovation in the Model S could lead to the most interesting wagon in this entire bunch. The sedan sits seven, so let's give those eco-friendly passengers a little extra head room for their trouble.

4. Ford Fusion
An improvement all around over the previous model, the Fusion wagon would make a handsome addition to any garage with build quality that finally matches exterior looks. Ford buyers could even swing for all-wheel drive that would make camping trips to the mountains a breeze. The blue oval is back and expanding their popular midsized sedan would be a sign of strength to the American market.

5. Volkswagen CC
This is one of the least likely future wagons because of Volkswagen's existing Jetta and Passat models, but the CC is their best-looking affordable model and that could transfer over nicely to an extended design.

6. Infiniti G37
A natural competitor to the BMW 3-Series, an Infiniti G37 wagon would give the Bavarians a nice run for their money in this segment. More importantly, it would offer buyers a sporty performance and sexy design for the trips to soccer practice and Ace Hardware.

7. Aston Martin Rapide
Since we're dreaming and all, let's just sit back and imagine what the prettiest sedan on earth would look like if there was just a little bit more of it to love.

8. Buick Regal
This project is probably already in the works, as GM has had so much success with the CTS wagon that it makes sense to launch a similar effort with the Regal. The Buick would come in below the Caddy in both price and performance, but remain an incredible value for what it brings to the table. Reviewers agree that the Regal sedan shines best in its highest-trim Turbo model, where the combination of refinement and affordability make it a Best In Class. No reason to think any less of a future wagon model.

9. Jaguar XF
Personally, I'm not a big fan of the XF styling - it seems like the rear design isn't good enough for the striking front fascia. Maybe adding an extension could address some of the appearance issues. And while we're at it, let's also add an all-wheel drive option that was sorely missing from the sedan. An XF-R version would put some more spring into the old feline.

10. Volvo C30
The C30 would be the most unlikely wagon of the bunch, but certainly the freshest design. This would actually be more of a hatchback or shooting brake than a wagon, since the C30 is a coupe with two doors, but that would only add to its curb appeal. Volvo already makes a steady stream of station wagons so there would be little risk, something that the C30 excels at with a nearly-perfect crash rating. One of the biggest criticisms of the coupe is the lack of cabin and storage space, so it makes sense - in my eyes, at least - to stretch the car out a bit.
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