In the midst of the madness of this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ford CEO Alan Mulally, who also gave a keynote speech at the event, happened to stand still for a few reporter questions about where Ford is going.

Based on his answers here, you can construct a pretty good outline of how the company views car technology and what the roadmap looks like for new Ford cars. 

The basics:

- Lots of focus on revising and improving the base gasoline engines Ford cars use--so work to do on fuel injection, turbocharging and more.

- Technological improvements to the outside of a car--changes that can affect a car's weight or its aerodynamics.

- EVs - Here Mulally was pretty clear about his view of how this will evolve (and the key is evolve, versus any big consumer leaps) over time.  First, in his view, come improvements in hybrid technology.  Second, would be movement into hybrid plug-in technology. Third would be full-blown electric cars, which Ford will introduce in 2012.

- BIG effort - and really the reason Ford was at CES, in improving the way drivers of cars can interact with technology and new features inside the car.  This is Ford's "Touch" announcement. 

Check the video below and watch for yourself.   See if you can find the spot where he slips up and refers to his products as "airplanes."  (Mulally was a former airplane engineer and executive at Boeing.)

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