Ford made every effort to create a big splash at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, focusing on in-car tech and personalization.  The company's CEO Alan Mulally appeared at the show as a keynote speaker as the company showed off something called MyFord Touch.  Think of "Touch" as finger and voice control, plus graphics, integrated into the steering wheel controls and a big LCD interface. 

As every car company packs new cars with car tech, this is an effort to stylize and simplify an all-in-one way of integrating the magic, so it's easier to use and less likely to overwhelm drivers behind the wheel. Ford says this new system will hit the Ford Edge first, and then cascade through the entire Ford lineup.

We're not sure Ford will have success branding this as "MyFord Touch"--brands with "My" tend to get lost on a crowd--but they have a shot at "wow, this Ford system is pretty cool." 

Here is a quick list of features My Ford Touch has:

- twin 4.2-inch LCD screens on the dash

- 8-inch LCD touch screen

- Pandora access

- Wifi, hot spot

- hands-free phone

- 3D mapping

PC World does a great  job of detailing more of the features.  Below is a video clip of a tour the Ford team gave to the Guardian in Las Vegas.  (They also cover MyFord Mobile in the second half).  

Note the catchy CES ambient tune playing in the background. Favorite quote: "Let's go to the touch screen."

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