What is your favorite study spot like? I'll assume it has a comfortable chair, some way to play music, peace, quiet and solitude.

What if your living arrangements are with a bunch of rambunctious roommates that don't care about their grades? What do you do when every time you're home you're handed a beer and told that it's party time? 

Think about this: your car has all the things you want in a study space (or so I hope). It's got a chair, a radio, climate control, and thanks to products like this steering wheel laptop desk, space for your Macbook as well. What else could you ask for? Wifi? Well, that may not be too far in the future but for now you'll just have to park close enough to campus to mooch off of their internet access. 

If you're REALLY studying, however, you shouldn't be on the internet.

That sounds to me like a great little spot to be completely alone to unwind and cram for your next quiz between classes. 

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