It is quite possible that you had to make some compromises with your college car. You had to find something that runs that you could afford instead of something sexy with leather. Hey, chances are life in your old Saturn or Nissan isn't all that bad.

You don't believe me? Take a look at what many before you ended up using as a college car.

The Chevrolet Chevette was the '70s and '80s equivalent of today's Aveo. It was supposed to be the smallest, least expensive Chevrolet. Much like today's Aveo, it was also the ugliest Chevy. Still, it was the best-selling car in America for a couple years. In total, 300,000 were sold. That means as soon as a nice new Chevette started to rust and fall apart at least a few college students picked one up as cheap transportation for their time on campus. 

They were able to reap some benefits out of their hideous little car. Parking was most likely a breeze due to the Chevette's minuscule turning circle. Plus, 40 miles per gallon is a number no one can turn their nose up at. However, those benefits were probably greatly overshadowed by the lack of females that would get into the little hatchback. 

So, next time you feel your college car isn't good enough, take a good look at it and think to yourself, "Well, at least it isn't a Chevette."