The holiday season is a great time to visit friends, family and loved ones. Sure, for most of the United States it's uncomfortably cold, dark and wet right now and most of us would rather curl up next to a laptop with a fireplace screensaver with some egg nog instead of going outside. When you do that, you can miss out on one of the greatest guilty pleasures of many motorists out there: an unplowed parking lot. 

Now, I cannot say that driving on an unused and unplowed parking lot is legal, especially when there is excessive use of the handbrake going on. However, most of us male college kids have done a sideways slide or two in the snow. Plus, you're practicing car control, right? You're learning how to be a safe driver by sliding around! At least, that's what I would tell Mr. Officer if he caught me during a session of winter tomfoolery. 

Some people enjoy posting videos of their antics on YouTube, and sometimes they're entertaining. However, most of the time it's just not entertaining to watch. However, today I have for you a wintry gem that will go down forever in history as a classic. I won't spoil it, but let's just say it involves a Subaru, a tree and some fantastic results:

Now that's using that rally pedigree to its full potential. We've all dreamed of doing this before, but they actually did it. Respect.