Episode 3 of Top Gear USA has aired and passed, although you can still watch it at History Channel's website. This episode really had some potential to be a hit. They did a classic cheap car challenge, where they had $1,000 to spend on some beaters. It was a chance to see some forgotten American cars take on ridiculous challenges in hilarious ways.

The idea was to explore the roots of NASCAR, by loading up the three beaters with 100 jars of moonshine and then see who had the most still intact by the end of their challenges.

All the challenge really did was make us miss Clarkson, Hammond and May. Sure, you get to see a Cadillac do something you never thought it could do (I won't spoil it for you), but sometimes it's hard to listen to the presenters. They're getting a bit dull.

Plus, why on Earth would they drag a Laguna Seca Boss Mustang into the studio and not power test it? Heck, why wasn't there any power test at all?

If you're a car fan looking for some entertainment to help procrastinate studying, Top Gear USA might not be your best bet. Hopefully the next episode is much better than this last one. Otherwise, your time is much better spent studying.