When all cars are electric, what will service stations look like?

 This is the question Audi asked and presents its idea of the answer to at Design Miami/ 2010. Munich-based graphic design firm Mirko Boshe was commissioned to produce a charging station of the future. Looking more like a lounge than a gas station, the firm came up with an environment that is an oasis, imagining intimate places of encounter and relaxation.

The design’s reflective glass mirrors the Audi e-tron Spyder, concept car, Audi’s study in electric vehicle design. While the look is reminiscent of a 1950s gas station, complete with an old gasoline pump encased in glass like a museum piece, the futuristic service station features wood furniture, fresh potted herbs, organic food, magazines and coffee-table books.

"Our aim in creating this installation is to heighten the public's awareness of the wide range of challenges electromobility presents. And, we provide food for thought – not just about electric vehicles themselves, but also about the infrastructure that will have to be created to support electric mobility," says Peter Schwarzenbauer, member of the Audi Board of Management for Marketing and Sales.

"Design is the art form aimed at imagining a better, richer, more comfortable everyday life. Today we find the most compelling design work stretches farthest in imagining a better future," adds Wava Carpenter, Acting Director Design Miami/. "Audi's proposal for a gasoline-less filling station for electric cars is a perfect example of this."

Design Miami/ is one of two forums for international design that has happened every year for the past six years. The summer event is held in Basel, Switzerland, and the winter event is held in Miami from the first of December to the fifth.